6E Framework™

A Structured Framework
that Guarantees Embedded Recruitment Success

How Often Have You Wished Your Recruitment Partner was More Flexible? or More Accountable?

Both are vital in embedded recruitment.

But they don’t always go hand in hand.

It’s understandable: companies want hiring partners to fill positions or help with a problem area and they want it to happen straight away. So, work begins without a proper picture of what success looks like and how each side will be accountable for it.

At Solutions Driven, we work in a different way. A structured way.

By following the 6E Framework.

Designed specifically for embedded recruitment, it provides a step by step process for guaranteeing success. Ensuring every embedded recruitment project has buy in from both sides. Making recruitment accountable and rooted in intelligence.

Get the Results You Need From Your Next Embedded Recruitment Project

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The 6E Framework™

1. Expectation

Aligning on goals, results and communication throughout.

2. Engagement

All stakeholders committed to mutual success.

3. Execution

Great execution creating happy hiring teams.

4. Efficiency

Bringing our A game from beginning to end.

5. Enablement

Visible improvements and value added.

6. Experience

The right customer, candidate and hiring manager experience.

“The process Solutions Driven uses to source potential candidates is one of the best I have ever been exposed to. They continually find high quality candidates that fit the Ocean sales team’s requirements and culture. Excellent partners!”

Colin Van Exel

Vice President, Sales, Ocean Insight

Success demands the world’s best talent. We help you find it.

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