Solutions Driven

How Amphenol Used Recruitment Intelligence to Fill a Sensitive Role

Amphenol had a difficult-to-fill role, that would ideally be based in Northern Germany. An already complex location for hiring in, the role was further complicated by salary mismatches.

The team had been working on filling this role for two years both internally and with local recruiters with no success. This was a critical role for the growth of the company in the European market and they were losing revenue not having it filled.

Amphenol’s Director of Organisational Development, Klaus Doerr, had been talking casually to Solutions Driven for a while and liked our approach. However, senior management were sceptical about using a Scottish company to hire a European role for an American business.

The Solutions Driven team put Recruitment Process Intelligence (RPI) in place and began to search for the candidate using their 6S Process to find and secure great talent and their 6F methodology to ensure a great fit.

The result?

Using the latest technology and the team’s 20+ years of experience, Solutions Driven got a shortlist of perfect candidates to Amphenol within three weeks. In eight weeks, the hire was complete and a role that had been empty for two years was filled in two months.

To learn more on how Solutions Driven helped Amphenol to succeed, download our case study.