Candidate Engagement in Fintech Recruitment: How to Improve it to Attract Top Talent

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Originally posted on Fintech Scotland website by Solutions Driven’s Head of Business Growth Nicki Paterson. July 15th 2021. I read recently that in the next four years, The Global Fintech Market is expected to grow at a rate of 23.58%. With news emerging that the Scottish Government has appointed an advisor to assist tech, with £7m […]

Fintech Recruitment: Top Tips From the Professionals

Fintech Scotland Recruitment

The fintech recruitment blog below was recently featured on Fintech Scotland, written by our very own Nicki Paterson who is our Global Head of Business Growth. Take it away Nicki… ### It’s no secret that in fintech recruitment, great candidates are rare. It’s a growing industry that’s becoming cooler all the time. Face to face […]