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How an In Depth Passive Search Secured Avire a Successful Product Manager After Two Years of Searching

Avire couldn’t find the right product manager. They’d made multiple hires but none had worked out. To continue to innovate and improve products, they needed to find the right, long-term, employee.

Avire partnered with Solutions Driven to complete an in depth search for a product manager. In eight weeks they had a successful candidate, who is still with the business, meeting targets and fulfilling all expectations.

Avire’s problem was this, they’d had multiple employees come and go for project manager roles and none had worked out. Avire had also worked with various recruiters and tried to fill the role themselves but they still couldn’t find the right person.

Step in Solutions Driven…

Tweaking the job spec and creating a Candidate Fit Scorecard helped ensure Avire and Solutions Driven were aligned on what “success” looked like throughout the process. It also helped to eliminate the previous issues faced by Avire that had blocked them getting the right project manager.

To learn more on how Solutions Driven helped Avire to succeed, access our case study.