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{Podcast} The Lowdown on Candidate Behaviour With Almirall’s Beatriz Luca De Tena

A few weeks ago, we held a round table with HR & TA leaders about the changes taking place in recruitment across the world.

The forum is private so because we can’t broadcast it, we decided to get one of our incredible panelists, Beatriz Luca De Tena to join us on our podcast to talk about her experiences.

From studying psychology, working with Johnson & Johnson, being employed in almost every part of Spain and now leading up the TA department at Almirall, Beatriz has had a varied and indepth recruitment career. She’s passionate about developing people and ensuring the people at Almirall are the best in the business.

About Almirall: Almirall are a pharmaceutical company committed to research and development of medicines for patients around the world. They believe in the power of research and development to change patients’ worlds. 

In episode 17 of The Talent Intelligence podcast, we discuss:

  • Using employer branding to compete against big pharma
  • How candidate behaviour has changed recently and whether Covid-19 is part of that change
  • Candidate ghosting ????
  • Why Almirall have so many long-standing employees
  • The importance of team development
  • And much much more…

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