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How Enough Used Solutions Driven’s Experience to Fill 17 Roles in a Remote Location

Getting ready to go to market, Enough needed specialised people in a less-than-attractive location and needed help filling those roles.

Enough is a zero waste production, sustainable protein company based in the UK and The Netherlands. They had planned to open a factory in a remote location in The Netherlands but were having trouble attracting top talent in a highly undesirable area.

Although it is an exciting company in a fresh space, the location of its new factory meant employees would not be near a major city and would not be able to work remotely. Under such circumstances, where remote working is becoming a requirement for many skilled workers, finding specialised talent to fill the roles posed a significant challenge for Enough.

With their existing team handling recruitment and HR on top of their regular jobs, they were beginning to feel the pinch on their time.

Until recently, they didn’t have a dedicated Human Resources or Talent team, so their CFO Elaine Ferguson and the hiring manager were in charge of recruitment.

That’s where Solutions Driven came in. We got to work finding the best candidates for these challenging positions and successfully helped Enough get the right people in the right roles before launch.

Download our case study to discover how Solutions Driven helped Enough find the right people for their new factory.