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Expertise: Do your recruiters have it?

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We are solutions driven

As well as having access to a global talent pool, Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition professionals need to know that their recruiter can be trusted to represent their employer brand.

Having sector experience and expertise is particularly relevant here, as knowing the market inside out goes hand in hand with providing a first-class candidate experience.

Our own recruitment and internal philosophies are testament to our commitment to excellence. The fact that we’ve retained clients for 20 years also demonstrates the value we place on building and maintaining strong working relationships. A great deal of this is down to our policy of exclusivity: getting to know clients needs and wants enables us to go the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Sourcing and securing the best candidates means engaging expert recruiters; our 20 years of success across a broad range of sectors and industries demonstrates the level of expertise clients can expect with every vacancy. Our inhouse team speaks 16 languages, and we’ve placed candidates in 53 countries across the globe.

Knowing exactly how to tailor job adverts, anticipating counter-offers and understanding the needs of both candidate and employers within a sector all contribute to making high quality hires who will make a positive impact within an organisation. Rigorous competency and emotional intelligence testing takes place with all of our internal hires, which means we’re confident that our clients are getting the very best expertise for the job.

For Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition professionals in every sector, having a recruiter they can trust is an invaluable asset. For everything from planned successions to hard-to-fill vacancies, knowing that solutions will be delivered no matter how tough the brief provides not only peace of mind, but a positive impact on an organisation’s performance for years to come.

Watch our CEO Gavin Speirs explain why he values expertise in recruitment so highly, or read the full transcript below.

I think it’s really important that hiring managers can trust recruiters with their employer brand. The brand is really one of the key differentiators as to why any candidate will join an organisation, and I think it’s important that recruiters really take the time to understand that brand, because ultimately, they’re representing the organisation. We will take the time to not only understand the brand, but actually develop with the client a true EVP (employee value proposition): what are the real reasons that candidates will join that organisation?

I’m not sure it’s critical that recruiters need to have experience in the sector they’re hiring for. There’s a lot of discussion around specific sector experience versus good recruiting experience, and at Solutions Driven we’re much more about the latter and making sure our recruiters are true recruiters who can work with multiple different functions and hiring managers. The way that we do that is through our process. I would say we’re more specialist on the process, and the more generalised on the sectors that we work in.

Solutions Driven are experts in recruitment because, A, we’ve been doing it a while now; over 20 years! And B, we come at it very differently from traditional recruiters, i.e. we take every project truly as a project and take the time to understand the requirements and understand what a good or great candidate looks like for that client, rather than trying to fill the job quicker than anyone else.

Hiring managers will notice when they hire an expert like Solutions Driven, first that they will only be involved in certain elements of the process, and really, truly outsourcing the other elements to the recruitment provider. Secondly, they’ll see better candidate communication, better recruiter and hiring manager communication, but more importantly better measurements during that process. They should feel confident that when they have outsourced a project to Solutions Driven, that they’re clear on what to expect.

I think it takes time to build trust between a hiring manager and a recruiter. Recruitment is a sector that sometimes doesn’t have a great reputation and hiring managers will only use recruiters when they’re ‘desperate’, so to speak. However, recruiters should be used in areas where either internal teams or hiring managers don’t have the time or the capability to source their own candidates. It will always take time to build trust, but trust comes through good delivery. For me, it’s about building relationships based on good delivery, rather than good talking.


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