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“The requirement was a General Manager for our UK operation. Their process is very thorough in order to ensure matching candidates to the appropriate skill sets, as well as to find passive candidates. Solutions Driven narrowed the candidate pool down to 6 potential hires, and we chose successfully from this pool. They have a strong process and keep you appraised of the progress. We were happy with the overall results.”

Success demands the world’s top talent.
We help you find it.

Competition for the best passive talent is fierce. They don’t need to go searching for their next role. And they’re rarely found on job boards.

I mean, why would a top performing salesperson, crushing it in their current role be actively looking for a new role? The answer is, they’re not.

However, the best hiring teams need to be thinking and planning for the future no matter the circumstances.

Asking themselves where are the talent communities? How interested is the talent pool in our brand? How does our employee value proposition compare to the competition? If we’re looking at a new location, does the talent pool exist to sustain future growth?

All whilst managing the day to day, business as usual.

Enter Hiring Intelligence™. It helps busy hiring teams with forward thinking recruitment strategies to proactively identify, engage and attract the best people – no matter where they are on the planet.

We’ve delivered Hiring Intelligence™ solutions globally to a number of the world’s best companies, providing resource and market insights. All while reducing recruitment process cycle time, cost of hire, significantly improving business agility and providing a competitive advantage.

Imagine getting one detailed report and presentation that answers all your unknown questions around your future hiring strategy. Hiring Intelligence™ can do that for you.

Hiring Intelligence™ unlocks the valuable insights hiring
teams need to make recruiting future talent easy.

Hiring Intelligence™ use cases

  • Supporting organisations diversity, equality and inclusion goals

  • Providing temporary support to internal hiring teams

  • Mapping salary levels across locations, exploring skills availability and competitor value propositions

  • Help with succession planning
  • Sourcing and recruiting for challenging skill-sets

  • Reducing hiring costs in volume staffing projects

  • Locating and hiring the best people for business-critical roles

  • Helping companies to react quickly to changing resourcing needs

Here’s How Hiring Intelligence™ Helps Hiring Teams
Plan For Future Growth

Identify gaps in your recruitment strategy costing you top talent and money

We don’t always see the obvious mistakes staring us in the face. And when it comes to recruiting talent, these mistakes can be costly and painful ones.

With Hiring Intelligence™ we analyse your current recruitment strategy – locally, globally, or both – to uncover the missing pieces in your recruitment strategy, which could make the difference between attracting the very best talent or losing them to the competition.

This same process also helps to future proof your recruitment strategy so you can react quickly to changing resourcing needs.

Map out your competitor’s recruitment strategy to unlock vital intelligence

‘The Fear of Missing Out’ on a dream candidate to a competitor, especially at final interview stage, is one of the biggest nightmares for a hiring team, after putting in so much time and effort during the process.

With Hiring Intelligence™ you’ll get access to your competitors candidate attraction strategy and uncover the ‘hidden’ value proposition’s they use to attract talent year after year, so you have everything you need to hire only the best.

Get the candidate pool insights you need to plan ahead for future hires

If you’re thinking about opening up a new office in a new city or country, this can throw up a lot of unknowns when it comes to the availability and affordability of talent.

With Hiring Intelligence™ worry no longer. You’ll get access to powerful insights helping you to understand the size and availability of the candidate pool, the expected salary ranges and what motivates them to join one company over another. We can also help you with ad-hoc volume hiring projects, saving you time and money on future hires.

[Video] Hiring Intelligence™:
How global brands build talent pools and gather critical
competitor insights to future proof their recruitment

Recruitment Process Intelligence
Recruitment Process Intelligence™: A guide to hiring right, first time…and every time.

This book was written to help talent acquisition departments, recruitment teams and hiring managers understand how Solutions Driven and Recruitment Process Intelligence can help you attract the best talent, build your employer brand and reduce cost of hire. This book is based on Recruitment Process Intelligence best practices both from our own experience of applying it and lessons we’ve learned from working with clients in 59 global countries.


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