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Hiring Through a Recruitment Agency: The Benefits

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Many inhouse recruiters can be hesitant to outsource their recruitment process. However, far from stepping on any toes, outsourcing parts of the process can provide an invaluable service to inhouse recruitment teams, producing a better result both in terms of ROI and candidate quality. Viewing the process as a partnership is the first step in securing successful outcomes, but what are the benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency?

Sector expertise

Firstly, your recruiter will be well-versed in best practice for your industry. They’ll know where the best talent is, what the needs of the sector are, and will be accustomed to the demands placed on candidates and organisations.

Working with a recruiter who knows your sector means that you’ll spend less time explaining your requirements up front and are far more likely to find a candidate who closely aligns with your expectations for the role.

Prioritising resources

An inhouse recruiter has many demands on their time, and there’s nothing more frustrating than having to dedicate inordinate amounts of time doing the less enjoyable aspects of the job; sifting through CVs, for example.

A recruiter partnership means that you can prioritise more effectively, safe in the knowledge that the job will be done to your satisfaction. Dividing your workload allows you to give 100% to the tasks that really matter to your organisation and ensures that any bottlenecks in workload don’t cause any issues.

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Specialist sourcing

It takes time to locate and secure top talent but knowing where to look can make the task easier. Recruiters who have specialist sourcing skills and use the latest technology naturally have an advantage and can unearth passive candidates that inhouse recruiters may not have had the resources or time to spend searching for.

Candidate Screening

Having a recruiter to run necessary checks on candidates and conduct initial screening interviews ensures that the only candidates you see are ones who fit the bill. Knowing that you’ll receive a shortlist of suitably qualified candidates can be invaluable to a busy inhouse recruitment team.

Recruitment agencies can also provide an enhanced candidate experience, which reflects well on an employer’s brand. A significant part of the candidate experience is formed during the screening and interview process, and having a dedicated outsource recruiter conduct these can produce positive experiences all round.

Expert insight

One of the primary benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency is gaining access to their professional knowledge throughout the process. They can provide insight into what response a recruitment team can expect for a role, how long it may take to fill, competitive offers, and the size of the talent pool.

With experience of a sector’s job market and recruitment trends, both local and global, a recruitment agency can deliver a wide range of services which help inhouse recruitment teams to make informed, data-driven decisions; talent mapping and competitor analysis, for example.

If you’d like more information on outsourcing your recruitment process or to see how it could work for your organisation, contact us today.

Gianna has degrees in English and Marketing, and spends her days with Solutions Driven researching and reporting on the latest trends and recruitment industry insights.