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Recruitment: We Need Less talk, More Action

Clear communication should always be followed by action.

There are few things more frustrating than a role which lies empty, despite recruiters’ assurances that they’re doing all they can to fill it. The truth is, if your role is challenging and your recruiter is operating on a contingency basisWe are solutions driven then it’s unlikely to be a priority. We do what we say we’re going to, and we don’t stop until the job is done. By pouring our energies into sourcing perfect candidates from the passive market, we’re able to satisfy client requests first time. In fact, 94% of our roles are placed from the first shortlist we send to clients. It’s all too easy to look busy in front of clients, however. We believe that the true test of a recruiter’s mettle lies in the candidate experience. Often overlooked but critical to a client’s employer brand, our unique processes ensure that a candidate is looked after and engaged with from day one. Clients can then reap the rewards that fostering trust and proving a reliable, professional service to candidates delivers – a satisfied, positive new hire. As well as endearing a candidate to the client, this ensures that the client and their employer brand is safeguarded against negative sentiment.

We are solutions drivenUltimately, recruiters are engaged to provide a tangible service. Talking a good game will only get you so far before the penny starts to drop, and once a client’s faith in a recruiter is gone, it’s gone for good. Taking pride in sourcing the highest quality candidates and delivering solutions to client problems without having to be chased every other day sounds basic, but sadly it’s far from common in the recruitment industry today.

It’s our belief that clients deserve more than ‘good enough’; they deserve greatness. By never resting on our laurels and continually striving to improve not only our own skills but also our techniques and resources, we ensure that our clients get the very best service, year in, year out. A tangible commitment to innovation and technology, including the latest social sourcing techniques, furthers reassures our clients that they’re getting the highest standard of recruitment available.

Watch our CEO Gavin Speirs outline the reasons why you’ll never experience ‘all talk, no action’ from Solutions Driven, or read the full transcript below.

I think a lot of recruiters can be all talk, no action. I think it’s the way the industry is set up; a lot of recruiters are measured on how they communicate, how quickly they can engage with a client, number of sales calls, et cetera, et cetera. Solutions Driven are much more about the action, i.e. the measurability and the delivery to the client. So for me I think hiring managers find the ‘all talk, no action’ approach frustrating because hiring managers are busy! They have a need in the process, which is usually to find the best candidate they can for the role. Recruiters who continually engage but don’t deliver become really frustrating. A recruiter like Solutions Driven can bring a lot to the candidate experience. We’re really aware that without candidates, you don’t have a business. That’s the reason why we’re in recruitment – to provide candidates with the opportunity to join great organisations. We bring a lot in terms of how we take time to really understand what motivates a candidate. Two, how we can care for a candidate during that process, and three, how we take time to consider their views in the process. Lastly, we consider how we converse with that candidate, and that’s two way – we make sure we understand what they’re looking for out of the process too. For me, a positive candidate journey has a real impact on Quality of Hire. A candidate who feels appreciated and communicated well with during the process, this makes them feel better about the organisation that they’re joining. You want to attract candidates who are doing well in their organisation, therefore you need to treat them correctly in any recruitment process. A positive candidate journey has a big impact on employer brand. I think you can look at tools like Glassdoor etc, where if any candidate has a bad experience, they’re quickly going to give negative feedback. It’s really important that every organisation takes the time to really map out a process and make sure the process is focused on a good candidate journey. I think Solutions Driven’s service is great rather than just ‘good enough’ due to the quality of candidates we provide our clients. A good candidate is one that can fill the job spec, who can do what is required for the role, but a great candidate is one who can really contribute to the success of that organisation and can culturally fit with that organisation’s needs too.

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Gianna has degrees in English and Marketing, and spends her days with Solutions Driven researching and reporting on the latest trends and recruitment industry insights.