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hiring medical sales people

Recruiting great sales people in any industry can be challenging, but it’s never more important than when these sales people are dealing with medical devices and technology. I explore why it’s so crucial to find the right fit first time.  

In some industries cut-throat sales techniques are expected or even encouraged. However, when it comes to selling or promoting medical devices with potentially life-changing capabilities in the medical device sector, your team members must surpass your average ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ type in more than just revenue.  

Defining the ideal MedTech salesperson 

When considering the hiring criteria for your MedTech salespeople, the first question to ask is how comfortable would you be having them advise your clinician on your own care? Are they trustworthy and honest? Or would they bend reality for the sake of a sale? The impact of a poor product recommendation is far more serious than in almost any other industry I can think of.  

Integrity and transparency are vital, as shown by the sadly numerous cases of devices being mis-sold or poor advice being given to clinicians by the device representative; the controversial mesh implants cases spring to mind. As representatives can be the ones to provide full product information and even training to the surgeons or clinicians, it’s imperative that they are not only fully educated on the product; their ethical boundaries must be firmly established too. But how can medical device organisations be sure that their salespeople are not only knowledgeable and fast-learning, but that they’re honest too? 

Finding a fool-proof assessment 

You could be forgiven for thinking that finding candidates who have the gravitas and knowledge required to speak to senior clinicians may mean compromising on their humility or reserve, and that it would be nigh on impossible to find a candidate with equal parts integrity and confidence in their role. However, we’ve proven many times over that this isn’t the case. 

At Solutions Driven, we have honed our talent search techniques to not only unearth the ideal candidates, but to robustly assess them before presenting them for interview. Our next-generation behavioural, emotional and competence testing ensures that our medical device representative candidates are exactly the type of person required to not only thrive in-role, but to deliver successful outcomes for all parties, including clinicians and patients. 

We successfully peel back the ‘interview mask’ most salespeople will adopt in order to reveal their true tendencies and behavioural inclinations; there’s no hiding from psychometric assessments! 

Our experience in this sector means we’re ideally placed to conduct searches and deliver the best candidates for your MedTech vacancies.