Solutions Driven

How Mercury Used External Talent Resource to Build a New International Sales Team

The Hiring Manager at Mercury Systems had just joined the organisation and was building a new international sales team but needed people he could trust with very specialised skill sets.

Mercury Systems is an aerospace and defence technology company based in Massachusetts, US. Mercury specialises in adapting, engineering, and manufacturing innovative solutions that meet both emerging and current tech needs in the industry.

The first role filled was a Senior Sales Manager who could drive the company’s account strategy in Northern Europe and the UK. This role required extensive knowledge and experience in a highly specialised field.

Paul and the Solutions Driven team are no strangers. He had already worked with the Solutions Driven team previously, originally as a candidate. He knew that if he needed a well-defined process and the right first-time hire, he needed to talk to the Solutions Driven team.

Paul and the Solutions Driven team met and went through the exact requirements for the sales role at Mercury. Solutions Driven worked closely with the hiring manager to integrate into Mercury’s hiring plans and assist in the search while taking Paul and Mercury’s needs onboard.

Access the case study here to find out more about the 6F Methodology we used to source passive candidates.