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How Omega Used Talent Mapping to Fill a Critical Sales Role

Omega is a company committed to growth. In 2019, they needed to replace a role in Europe. This was a confidential sales position for a business critical role overseeing a large revenue volume. They needed to get the right person in, fast.

However, with their head office based in Alva, Scotland, they felt they didn’t have the relevant information on the market in their chosen location. In addition, they operate in a niche industry where talent is usually passive.

Omega realised they needed more insight into exactly what they needed, what they’d have to
pay, and what talent was like on the ground.

That’s where we come in.

Omega had worked with Solutions Driven in the past and were aware of our Talent Mapping service. Talent Mapping provides a detailed report and presentation, backed up by deep industry research, with the information companies need to make decisions.

They reached out and asked us to create a Talent Map on the availability of candidates for this specific role in the European market. When that was completed, Omega engaged the Solutions Driven team to complete the hiring process on their behalf.

To learn more on what happened next, download our case study.