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How Plexus and Solutions Driven Used Comprehensive Scorecarding to Fill a Problem Role

Plexus was looking for a VP of Global Sourcing in the US and was struggling to fill the position. They’d had a mixture of direct applicants and agency partners, and no suitable candidates had emerged.

At this point, Solutions Driven had worked with other hiring managers in the organisation but hadn’t been in contact with the US hiring manager. The teams were introduced but there was some trepidation on Plexus’ part, unsure if a Scottish-based company could meet their US hiring needs.

After an in-depth kick-off meeting, Solutions Driven laid out the process they would take to ensure the hire was right, first time.

This included the 6S Process and the 6F Methodology, both designed to match great candidates with their matching employers.

The Scorecard element of our 6S process was vital to Plexus as its comprehensive nature allowed the two teams to align and kept the process on track throughout.

To read more on how Solutions Driven helped Plexus fill the role in just eight weeks, get the case study.