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UK Labour Market 2018

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The Office for National Statistics has released its most recent UK employment figures, and the findings might surprise you. Then again, maybe not.

Talent acquisition professionals won’t be shocked to learn that the the talent shortage is continuing, and that wages are rising as a direct result. As more businesses compete for less talent, it’s also understandable that employee benefits, such as flexible working, are becoming more common,perhaps resulting in the fall in weekly hours worked.

More bad news for the talent industry is that the gig economy is still going strong, with nearly 15% of the UK’s workforce identifying as self-employed.

With Brexit looming large and trade difficulties between the USA and China, global business is facing a number of challenges in the short-term future. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the talent shortage will be easing up any time soon.

Data source: Office for National Statistics (ONS), July 2018.

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Gianna LegateGianna has degrees in English and Marketing, and spends her days with Solutions Driven researching and reporting on the latest trends and recruitment industry insights.