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What do HR managers really think about Quality of Hire?

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Improving Quality of Hire has been on the agenda of HR teams everywhere for some time now, but what do industry leaders really think about it?

A recent survey asked HR and Talent Aquisition leaders from global organisations what their point of view was on Quality of Hire and the potential benefits it could bring. Among the findings were interesting concerns around retaining a focus on diversity – if a ‘template for success’ around the kind of employee who thrives in an organisation was identified, would this result in ‘cardboard cut-out hires’?

Technology was also highlighted as being a key part of solving issues around Quality of Hire. Being open to considering new tools, technology and services from third-party suppliers, such as your recruitment partner, was felt to be a major influencing factor in making long-term improvements. “Engaging experts rather than relying on in-house resources” was also felt to be a positive move for company performance.

One survey respondent said;

“Building a strong relationship with a third-party supplier is the difference between getting quality hires and missing out.”

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