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We are Solutions Driven

Solutions Driven was founded in 1998 by Walter G. Speirs. It all started with seven people working purely in outsourced or embedded recruitment services. 

Today, we’re a company of over 70 people based in Scotland, with employees all over the world. Our team work on niche and critical roles and embedded talent acquisition for local and global STEM companies. 

With such a diverse group of people, from so many different countries, we like to think we bring a unique approach to how we work with clients and engage with candidates across the globe.


and going strong

2023 is our 25th year in business – yet we’re just getting started. Last year, we launched SD Embedded, a unique service offering a flexible embedded hiring model, and talent solutions for every business type and size. 


Over the years we’ve been fortunate to have earned repeat business from 89% of our clients, with 90% of our SD Embedded partners renewing their contracts. 

Investing in what will always be important

Jeff Bezos, founder of, once said “Find the things that won’t change in your business and invest heavily in those things”. He went on to say, “For, 10 years from now, people aren’t going to say…“I wish Amazon was slower…or… I wish Amazon had a worse selection…so we invest heavily in those things.”

We love that quote. Why? Because 10 years from now, no client is ever going to say to us “I wish Solutions Driven would find us the 3rd best candidate” or “I wish our recruitment outsourcing company would take longer to find us candidates”.

We choose to invest our time, energy and money in the areas that make a real impact on our clients and candidates. We stay focused on what matters.


A Great Place for Great People to do Great Work

We spend more time with colleagues than we do with our families and friends, so we believe it’s crucial to have as much fun as possible while we’re here.

We’ve been honing our internal culture for two decades, and if staff surveys are anything to go by, we must be doing something right. As well as an impressive Glassdoor score, we’ve got charity events, days away for top performing teams, company nights out, flexible working, games rooms and break out areas, an indoor garden, complimentary fresh fruit… there’s no place quite like SD.

Our Behaviours

Live and breathe the customer

Commercial integrity

Future focused

Grasp the thistle

The team factor

We truly hope you enjoy your visit to Solutions Driven. If we can help by becoming your embedded talent partner, filling niche roles, or general recruitment advice, get in touch.