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The flexible alternative to RPOs, embedded recruitment provides an on-demand service that fits your needs. 

Are you struggling to flex your talent team to keep up with demand? Our team slots into your existing hiring function, giving you an embedded talent partner that allows you to expand and contract your function, according to market needs. 

Attract Talent With
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Unable to attract, engage, and secure top quality candidates?

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Our unique embedded hiring process takes top candidates from curious to committed, ensuring their priorities align with your company values and goals. 

Each step backed by market intelligence and data.

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Lack of recruitment capacity in your talent team?

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The Solutions Driven embedded talent acquisition team can be used for long or short term hiring projects, allowing you to flex with market changes.

Without being tied into long term RPOs recruitment contracts. 

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Cost-per-hire too high for your business?

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At Solutions Driven, our team work within your agreed budget, using unique processes guaranteed to produce hiring results. Fast.

All while embodying your employer brand and creating a world-class candidate experience.

Our Customers
389 Companies | 59 Countries | 5600 Hires | 22 years

With Solutions Driven’s embedded hiring options,  payments are linked to performance, ensuring you get the best possible service from our agency. 

Add in recruiters assigned based on experience and market-leading data and intelligence —and hiring top talent is guaranteed. 

 90% contract renewal rate

 96% satisfaction rate at 3-month review

 80+ Net Promoter Score 

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