Solutions Driven

Elringklinger Case

How Elringklinger’s Complicated Role was Filled Through Recruitment Process Intelligence

ElringKlinger are “one of the world’s leading system partners to the automotive industry” specialising in lightweight solutions, sealing and shielding technology, tooling and engineering services.

ElringKlinger were searching for a Senior Systems Applications and Products Manager to oversee their US, Canadian, Mexican, and Brazilian locations. Despite being open for a number of months, the applicants weren’t of the standard ElringKlinger required.

Step in Solutions Driven…

The Solutions Driven team had previously filled 40 problem roles for ElringKlinger in Asia. All right first time.

ElringKlinger liked the level of structure and process involved in these hires, so when this role proved difficult to fill, the corporate HR team reached out again.

Using their unique 6S and 6F process to find the correct passive candidates, alongside in-depth candidate discovery techniques, the Solutions Driven team presented a longlist of prospective candidates, all within the agreed timeframe.

To learn more on how Solutions Driven helped ElringKilnger to succeed, access the case study.