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Solutions Driven are specialists in
recruitment across the STEM sectors.


Our recruiters plug into your business to act as your talent Acquisition team, or work alongside your existing function. Offering short or long-term solutions, SD Embedded is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to RPOs.

Underpinned by the latest data,
technology, and intelligence.

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Sourcing, selecting, and securing for critical and niche hires across STEM industries. With SD Search, we find the right people for the right roles using market-leading processes and up-to-the-minute data and intelligence on global talent pools.

With a 97% right
first time rate

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Alley Agee
Recruiting Operations Manager, Aktana

“The Solutions Driven team, from
Exec management to frontline
recruitment consultants, are
fully committed to our business
partnership. The results being
delivered are improving hire after
hire as our partnership continues
to bed in. Thanks!”

Veronika Höger
HR Manager, Sanmina SCI Germany GmbH

“We are 200% satisfied with the
competent service provided by the
whole Team of Solutions Driven -
from Scope call to invoicing. They
managed to fill our position within
2 months! Thank you & looking
forward to further recruitings

Colin Van Exel
Vice President, Sales, Ocean Insight

“The process Solutions Driven uses
to source potential candidates is
one of the best I have ever been
exposed to. They continually find
high quality candidates that fit the
Ocean sales team’s requirements
and culture. Excellent partners!”

Recruitment Process Intelligence™ A guide to hiring right, first time… and every time.

This book was written to help talent acquisition departments, recruitment teams and hiring managers understand how Solutions Driven and Recruitment "Process Intelligence can help you attract the best talent, build your employer brand and reduce cost of hire. This book is based on Recruitment Process Intelligence best practices both from our own experience of applying it and lessons we’ve learned from working with clients in 59 global countries.

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