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Our unique approach to Hiring Success

Whether you’re engaging in a Search process for critical roles, or undertaking a longer term Embedded project, our approach are tailor-made to ensure each hiring process is a success.

Our approach guarantees the right hire, first time, every time.

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Our proven process and framework that guarantees the right hire, first time ​

There’s a global issue in hiring where organisations can’t always hire the talent they want, when they need it. That could be because of a lack of internal knowledge, small talent pools, a lack of tech or other sourcing resources, or their teams reducing. Or it could be that they’re doing the same things over and over again and expecting differing results… 

With Hiring Enablement, we take another approach: the 6S Process which guarantees delivery of the right hire, first time, every time. 

It’s backed by real intelligence to secure the best talent and reduce bottom line costs. 


The 6S Process kicks off with a detailed Scoping consultation with key stakeholders. From here, your culture is fully understood and a process and Candidate Value Proposition (CVP) is designed for the project.   


The Candidate Fit Scorecard (CFS) focuses on the key skills, attributes, experience, and qualifications for your hire. It’s used as a guide for screening and interviewing and shortlisted candidates are ranked against it. 


With hiring intelligence, you get real insights and intelligence into where top talent is locatedbefore the right strategy is applied. Techniques include x-ray web searching, forensic sourcing methods and networking activity on a local and global level.  


With Hiring Enablement candidate analysis includes technical, competency and psychometric testing and interviewing.  You’re then presented with 4-6 candidates that meet the Candidate Fit Scorecard  within agreed timeframes. 


Your value proposition is presented to candidates whose career drivers match them. This is then linked to the 6F Methodology which highlights major disconnects. Passive candidates are activated during the process, supported by the value proposition and engagement.


At the start of an assignment, measures of success are agreed and results reviewed against them throughout the process. This includes 2-way improvement actions, Net Promoter Scores, and results data. Regular client and candidate check ins are also held regularly. 

Our proven approach to finding the right candidate and client fit every time

You’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist of four candidates…

They’ve interviewed well. They’ve passed all the tests. They’ve got the skills you want. So far, so good.

But do you really know what motivates them to get up and come to work? Their goals and career ambitions? Will your company ethos and culture complement their ideals?

That’s where the 6F Methodology™ comes in. It considers every aspect of an individual’s personal and professional needs so you can confidently make the right hiring decision, avoiding unconscious bias and securing the ideal candidate.

1.  FIT

Culture fit and culture add are what make work feel like a choice rather than a chore. Finding the right environment for all candidates, where they can bring their whole selves to work, is a core part of our process, allowing them to thrive and add value.


Candidates should always be asked what their goals and ambitions are for the future to make sure they’re the right fit for your business.


Some things are simply more important than work. Finding the right balance between an individual’s family and work life is essential for everyone.


Understanding what drives people professionally and personally is vital, and it’s important to consider candidate’s preferences during the talent sourcing process. We’re all different after all. 


Money, success, satisfaction…what makes  the candidate think they’ve made it? Aligning their current and future goals with the opportunity on offer is critical to achieving the right fit for everyone. 


Whatever the candidate’s ambitions are for the future, they need to be in the right role to help them continue a journey of achievement in your company.  

Our proven structured framework to guarantee embedded recruitment success

The main reasons a business decides to embark on embedded recruitment are: they’ve been doing the same thing over and over and not getting different results, they’re struggling to properly execute a hiring process at scale because of a lack of resources or knowledge, or they are unable to attract and keep diverse candidates, especially at scale.

The 6E Framework provides a step-by-step process for guaranteeing success. Making recruitment accountable and rooted in intelligence.


To complete a successful hiring process, it’s vital every stakeholder aligns on goals, results, and communication throughout.  


Understanding what constitutes success and everyone committing to that means everyone leaves the process satisfied. 


We commit to great execution in every process, aligning so everyone knows the process. 


Our team dedicate ourselves to performing each hiring project efficiently, ensuring you get the right people when you need them. 


During each hiring process your team will notice visible improvements and value added. 


The right customer, candidate and hiring manager experience is important for ensuring everyone has a great experience. 

Our clients love our approach

The processes Solutions Driven use to source potential candidates is one of the best I have seen. They continually find high quality candidates that fit our team’s requirements and culture.

Colin van Exel, Vice President Sales, Ocean Insight

After a great search process, we have been able to hire another great talent to Agillic. This is not an easy market and finding C-level talent is always a process that takes time and extraordinary effort.

Petra Aagaard, People & Culture Director, Agillic

We are 200% satisfied with the competent service provided by the entire Solutions Driven team, from scoping to invoicing.

Thank you and looking forward to working together in future.

Veronika Van Hoger, HR Manager, Sanmina SCI, Germany GmbH

Excellent service. Solutions Driven are fantastic. They keep us updated with every step of the process. 

True professionals in every sense of the word. 

Deanna Daniels, HR Manager, Gardner Denver/Ingersoll-Rand

Find out how our team use this approach to get you the right hires, first time, every time