Solutions Driven has 20+ years of recruiting for some of the best technology companies across the globe. Securing top talent and guaranteeing the right candidates for the right roles.

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Hiring managers in the technology space
tell us they’re experiencing these issues when trying to hire top talent:

  • Lack of time to dedicate to hiring
  • Competitors swooping in for candidates
  • Unable to engage with top candidates
  • Small pools of high potential talent
  • Difficulties attracting candidates
  • Fast-moving talent pool
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But it doesn’t need to
be like this.
There’s a new way to recruit…

It’s called Recruitment Process IntelligenceTM and it’s the new way to guarantee recruitment results for hiring teams, backed up by proven processes and real intelligence. Using RPI, we find and engage quality candidates presenting hiring managers with shortlists of top potential prospects within agreed timeframes.

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Recruitment Intelligence

Identify the gaps in your tech recruitment strategy costing you top talent and money. Gather competitor insights. Build talent pools. Target and engage passive talent.

Process Intelligence

A proven process and framework that guarantees the right hire, first time. Recruit faster. Drive deeper candidate engagement. Protect budgets.

Data Intelligence

Get the intelligence and insights you need to drive future recruitment efficiency. Real-time hiring data. Move forward with confidence. Maximise budgets.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes
once and for all by following
these simple steps…


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We’ll identify & attract top talent

We’ll discuss what your “ideal hire” looks like and match them to candidate fit scorecards before we begin engaging top talent.


You get the perfect candidate.

Whether it’s C-suite, senior management, business critical, or niche roles, you’ll get the perfect hire who meets all your requirements.

Here’s what our technology
clients have to say

Technology Recruitment

“When I talk to candidates in hiring process with us through Solutions Driven they have found the conversations very professional with great human touch. I can give my warmest recommendations to Solutions Driven”

Bo Sannung

CCO, Agillic

“The Solutions Driven team consistently delivers quality candidates and exceptional service. There is no role they can’t fill! They have helped us in several different countries and departments.”

Alley Agee

Recruiting Operations Manager, Aktana

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High Potential Tech Talent

Getting the right tech talent, first time… and every time.

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