Solutions Driven has 20+ years of recruiting for some of the best technology companies across the globe. Securing top talent and guaranteeing the right candidates for the right roles.

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Hiring managers in the technology space
tell us they’re experiencing these issues when trying to hire top talent:

  • Lack of time to dedicate to hiring
  • Competitors swooping in for candidates
  • Unable to engage with top candidates
  • Small pools of high potential talent
  • Difficulties attracting candidates
  • Fast-moving talent pool
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But it doesn’t need to
be like this.
There’s a new way to recruit…

It’s called Recruitment Process IntelligenceTM and it’s the new way to guarantee recruitment results for hiring teams, backed up by proven processes and real intelligence. Using RPI, we find and engage quality candidates presenting hiring managers with shortlists of top potential prospects within agreed timeframes.

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Recruitment Intelligence

Identify the gaps in your tech recruitment strategy costing you top talent and money. Gather competitor insights. Build talent pools. Target and engage passive talent.

Process Intelligence

A proven process and framework that guarantees the right hire, first time. Recruit faster. Drive deeper candidate engagement. Protect budgets.

Data Intelligence

Get the intelligence and insights you need to drive future recruitment efficiency. Real-time hiring data. Move forward with confidence. Maximise budgets.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes
once and for all by following
these simple steps…


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We’ll identify & attract top talent

We’ll discuss what your “ideal hire” looks like and match them to candidate fit scorecards before we begin engaging top talent.


You get the perfect candidate.

Whether it’s C-suite, senior management, business critical, or niche roles, you’ll get the perfect hire who meets all your requirements.

Here’s what our technology
clients have to say

Technology Recruitment

“When I talk to candidates in hiring process with us through Solutions Driven they have found the conversations very professional with great human touch. I can give my warmest recommendations to Solutions Driven”

Bo Sannung

CCO, Agillic

“The Solutions Driven team consistently delivers quality candidates and exceptional service. There is no role they can’t fill! They have helped us in several different countries and departments.”

Alley Agee

Recruiting Operations Manager, Aktana

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High Potential Tech Talent

Getting the right tech talent, first time… and every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are your recruitment fees?

    Our fees are around 20%, fixed in advance, depending on the type and number of roles that you require to be filled.

    There’s no full upfront payments, you’re invoiced when key milestones have been achieved. Our payment process is linked to value delivered, not empty promises.

  • Is your team experienced in working in STEM?

    All of our recruiters are experienced recruiters in their own right and have either worked in STEM or have had extensive training before working on roles.

    That means they’re aware of the key competencies for your sector and will be able to engage with candidates successfully.

  • What’s your success rate in placing roles?

    On average, we place 97% of the roles we take on, first time, every time.

    Occasionally, we come across a role where there are no candidates that meet our clients’ requirements. In this case, we work with the hiring manager to work out areas of flex.

  • Where do you place roles?

    Approximately 40% of our business is in the US and 60% in EMEA.

    Solutions Driven is based in Scotland (near Glasgow), and we have recruiters working across the globe, speaking multiple languages, and operating in all time-zones.

  • Tell me about your hiring process

    We follow a 6S process to source and secure candidates, and a 6F methodology to get the right candidate and client fit.

    The 6S process is our proven process and framework that guarantees the right hire, first time. We follow 6 steps – scoping, scorecarding, sourcing, selecting, securing, and satisfying – to achieve this.

    The 6F Methodology looks at fit, freedom, family, fulfilment, fortune, and future priorities of candidates to ensure they’ll gel with the company and become long-term assets to the team.

    At every stage of the hiring process, we provide data and intelligence that helps our clients with their current hiring decision and assists them in future planning and hiring.

    Because we use these methods and processes, we do require a high level of buy-in from our clients, which allows us to provide our right first time guarantees, and ensure you always get the right candidate.

  • Who will be my main point of contact?

    We are 180° recruiters, meaning our business growth team will walk you through the process of becoming a customer and signing contracts. Then they’ll arrange a meeting with your stakeholders, themselves, and your dedicated recruiter, providing a thorough handover.

    Then your dedicated recruiter will take over. They’re specialised in sourcing the best talent and will be in charge of finding your new employee. We’ll arrange regular check in calls with the hiring manager or your talent team to continually align your requirements, and ours. Company priorities can change throughout a hiring process, and we want to ensure we’re always on top of that.

  • How involved do I need to be?

    We ask for a high level of buy-in from our clients. That means taking part in a scoping call at the beginning of the process, where we discover your requirements and look at areas of flex if those requirements could prove difficult to meet.

    We then create a sample longlist and shortlist that we ask you to review and provide feedback on. After that, we’ll provide you with a long-list and a shortlist where you can choose which candidates to take to interview.


    It’s not a laborious process, but it also isn’t one where you can outsource everything. In order to get the right person and not have to start from scratch when they don’t work out – we need to know exactly who is right for you.

  • How long is your time-to-hire?

    Time-to-hire is dependent on the type of role, the specificity of the requirements, and can also be affected by things like national holidays (looking at you, Christmas!)

    At Solutions Driven, it’s usually around 4-5 weeks, however this can change depending on the above.

    Your initial contact in the business growth team will oversee the process and will always be available if you have any questions or concerns.

  • How will you represent my company to candidates?

    The Solutions Driven team takes the time to ensure that all collateral we use is on-brand for your business and represents who you are.

    Our team also works to embody your business’s core values throughout the process, treating candidates how your own team would treat them and ensuring even rejected candidates leave with a positive impression of your business.

    After all, while they might not be the right person now, they could well be your perfect hire in future.

  • What happens if my new hire doesn’t work out?

    We offer a 12-month guarantee on all roles.

    This means that if your new employee doesn’t work out, we’ll refill that role for free within their first year.

    With a 97% success rate, we rarely ever have to refill roles though – it’s why our guarantee is much longer than most other recruiters.

  • Do you do outsourced recruiting too?

    While our main area of focus is working on niche or business critical roles, we also do embedded projects for clients.

    The last year has been one of ups and downs, and many businesses slimmed down their talent acquisition teams to cope with the business downturn. Now we’re opening back up and businesses need to ramp quickly. But they don’t have the capacity to deal with it.

    However, lots of businesses don’t need an RPO to be embedded in their business long-term. So we offer a fixed-term embedded service that allows companies to flex their talent acquisition power with an experienced recruiter or recruiters.

    Get in touch with us to discuss options for this service.

  • What do your customers say about you?

    You can see what both our clients and the candidates we have placed in roles have to say about us right here.

    We’ve worked across multiple sectors in the last 20+ years and many of our business comes from referrals through happy customers.

    Additionally, 89% of our clients return to us to fill other roles after our first placement. (And of the others who don’t, it’s usually because they’ve built up their own internal team to increase capacity.)

  • What is RPI?

    RPI is Recruitment Process Intelligence – the new way to guarantee recruitment results for hiring teams backed by proven processes and real intelligence instead of false promises.

    There are 6 principles of Recruitment Process Intelligence:

    1. Human powered processes to find, engage and attract your ideal candidate.

    2. Full accountability and measurement from the outset.

    3. Measured on results, not false promises.

    4. Use of real-time data to drive continuous hiring improvement.

    5. Blending the science of recruitment with the art of engagement.

    6. We love being the silent partner

  • How long has Solutions Driven been operating?

    Solutions Driven has been working in the recruitment space for 20+ years. Our founder, Walter Speirs, started the company after becoming frustrated with the way recruiters he worked with in his VP position worked.

    Since then, Solutions Driven has worked on every type of role imaginable on every continent across the world.

  • What type of roles do you work on?

    Solutions Driven works on business critical or niche roles. That means we mainly fill complicated positions that are vital for business growth, or roles in c-suite or executive positions.

    Our main focus is STEM recruitment, finding great people in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing. We’ve worked across the semiconductor industries, Saas, automotive, supply chain solutions, medical technology, EMS, and much much more.