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Flexible project hiring 

Flexible project hiring complements your internal teams, providing you with the agility and scalability you need to succeed. We bring on board the talent you need, exactly when you need it.

Are you facing these hiring challenges?

In a world where business never stands still, flexible project hiring is more important than ever. Do any of these scenarios resonate with your current situation?

Is your organisation opening new locations? 

Find it hard to access top-tier talent for strategic roles? 

Need to ensure a seamless integration of permanent talent following acquisition? 

Need strategic hires to address specific demands and fill critical gaps? 

Feel you’re struggling to cope with fluctuating hiring needs? 

Better is possible

We believe there’s potential for improvement in every flexible hiring process. Here’s how we make it a reality for your organisation.

Agile approach to hiring 

We’ll deploy a bespoke talent team with experience of working with your industry and roles.  

Seamless talent integration 

You’ll get a dedicated talent team, empowered with real-time data insights, to ensure a higher quality of hire, plus enhanced candidate experience.  

Cost effective results 

We know that every day a role remains live, costs you money. With a 96% project satisfaction rate, and 90% of projects renewed or extended, the results of our agile and proactive approach speaks for itself  

Flexible Hiring Approach

Want a structured approach to your hiring. Our strategic Process, Methodology and Framework will optimize your hiring success.


The 6E Framework

This framework addresses common embedded recruitment issues and offers a structured process for successful outcomes. It promotes adaptable, intelligent recruitment, speeding up the recruitment process and making it cost-effective over time.


The 6F Methodology

This framework aims to secure the perfect candidate-client match. It involves a holistic evaluation of candidates and ensures alignment between your company ethos and candidate’s ideals, leading to confident, unbiased hiring decisions.

Success based costing

We are so confident in our project delivery that we link an element of cost to success!

What our clients say

“The Solutions Driven team, from
exec management to frontline
recruitment consultants, are
fully committed to our business

The results delivered improve hire after
hire as our partnership continues
to bed in. Thanks!”

Ally Agee, Former Recruitment Operations Manager, Aktana

“We are 200% satisfied with the competent service provided by the whole Solutions Driven team – from Scoping call to invoicing. 

They managed to fill our position within 2 months!

 Thank you & looking forward to further recruitings together!”

Veronika Höger, HR Manager, Sanmina SCI Germany GmbH

“The process Solutions Driven uses to source potential candidates is one of the best I have ever been exposed to.

 They continually find high quality candidates that fit the Ocean sales team’s requirements and culture.

Excellent partners!”

Colin van Exel, Vice President, Sales, Ocean Insight

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