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What is Hiring Enablement?

Delivering more efficient, effective hiring. First time every time.

Recruitment is now moving so fast that it's almost impossible for companies to keep up


Hiring Insanity

Even when organisations are struggling to hire, the vast majority continue to do the same things, use the same processes and partners…and expect and hope for different results.  

Hiring teams don’t realise how much hiring has changed and don’t use data to drive decisions and improvements.  

If nothing changes, nothing changes. That’s hiring insanity.  


Hiring Execution

There’s a global issue where organisations are unable to always hire the talent they want and when they need it. 

As a result, they fall behind with their business/profit plans.   

All because of a lack of hiring execution. 


Hiring Inequality

Every organisation talks about diversity being a major focus.  

But many don’t know where to start in hiring diversely, scoping out new talent pools or how to remove unconscious bias from their hiring process, which could be impacting opportunities and growth for talent.

They suffer from hiring inequality. 

But Hiring Enablement, created by Solutions Driven, is a revolutionary recruitment approach that delivers 97% right first time hiring success.
It’s the hiring strategy we’ve honed over 25 years that our team uses to hire more efficiently and effectively.
All while providing hiring teams with the resources, tools, technology, playbooks, and insights to improve their own hiring approaches.

The three pillars of Hiring Enablement


Our award-winning recruitment team have been hiring the right people for the right roles for 25 years. 

Experts in STEM, our highly trained hiring specialists have worked across the globe, matching skills to roles and thinking outside the box to always guarantee results. In fact, they get the right hire for the right role 97% of the time.



Every hiring project must be backed up by a process to ensure it stays on track. 

We use specific frameworks, designed to suit each type of project, to guarantee the right hire while upholding your company’s branding and standards.  


Without data and intelligence you could be searching for talent in the wrong places, offering mismatched salaries, or achieving poor engagement – all without realising.

Indepth intelligence on the hiring process gives your team the assurance we’re all on the right track and the project will be successful.

Intelligence (1)

Just Look At The Results

“After a lengthy and unsuccessful internal search, we engaged Solutions Driven. In a short time they brought an impressive short list, all of whom met our criteria, and from which we hired. The Solutions Driven team was superbly responsive and listened well throughout.”


Peter Brunoehler,

VP Of Sales, Firetrace International

97% (600 × 600px) (2)

right first time success rate

97% (600 × 600px)

increase of diverse candidates shortlisted

97% (600 × 600px) (1)

of candidates accept role offers

The team behind the results

We wrote a book!

Find out how Hiring Enablement guarantees the right hire, first time, every time with our new playbook.​


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