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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We’ve made a commitment to our employees, clients and peers to take action when it comes to diversity. To do more than just talk about it.

Our Actions:

We’re educating internally

We’ve held workshops and diversity training for our team, provided workshops for our clients, and brought in consultants to help us start our journey.

We’re working with our clients to create diverse processes and inclusive cultures

We want our journey to benefit our clients and partners as well as our team. So we’re working closely with them to help them own their own diversity and inclusion initiatives.

We’ve hired a Chief Diversity Officer

This role has been brought onboard the team to embed diversity in our process and lead our inclusion initiatives.

We’re partnering with the experts and providing free resources

Diversity needs all of us, so we’re creating free content, including ebooks, podcasts, and videos, and offering diversity and inclusion training to our clients.

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Stats & Data:

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BAME citizens need to send 60% more job applications to get a positive response.

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White people are 74% more likely to be successful in job applications than those from ethnic minorities.

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People with disabilities face an unemployment rate 80-100% higher than non-disabled workers.

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The top companies for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have better financial returns.

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The top companies for gender diversity are 21% more likely to have better financial returns.


As a valued recruitment partner, we have a huge part to play with diversity. An opportunity to make an impact, educating clients and the market on how to make a difference in this space, allowing us to offer value and support through workshops, content and collateral.

Gavin Speirs

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