Solutions Driven

Solutions Driven Mentorship Programme - Paying it Forward

A couple of years ago we made a promise to do everything we could to create diverse, equitable and inclusive workforces.

Part of that promise means addressing underrepresentation at every level.

We recognise and acknowledge that barriers to entry and advancement in the workplace exist for those from diverse and marginalised backgrounds. We also know that to level the playing field, considerable resource and time must be given to those individuals with protected characteristics. 

In short, we need to give back

Which is why we created the Solutions Driven Mentorship Programme. A yearly scheme that matches diverse individuals with working professionals and leaders, in order to gain knowledge, experience, skills and progress their careers.

We match you with talented leaders with extensive experience in business, to work with you on your career goals and aspirations.

If you’re interested in recruitment, sales, operations, professional services, marketing or leadership, please apply below.

Mentorship Programme Application Form

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Solutions Driven Mentorship Programme. Our aim is to create a space that connects mentors and mentees across the professional world, in order to contribute to a more equal, equitable and diverse workforce.

This programme prioritises people who face intersectional barriers to success, including women, people from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds, disabled people, LGBTQ+ people and people who face socio-economic disadvantages