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How in-depth candidate engagement filled Cigna's difficult role

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Cigna is a global health services company dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and peace of mind of their customers.

They provide services and solutions to address the diverse health needs of their clients and patients in a highly personalized way – “each and every day”. With over 70,000 employees, Cigna caters to over 180 million customers across 30 countries.

Cigna had aggressive sales targets for the following year and were looking to hire for a business critical role as soon as possible.


The candidate needed to be able to travel regularly and were required to be UK-based and a German speaker. Cigna had spent most of the previous year looking to fill the role internally and through other recruiters.

“Recruitment for this position had been ongoing
throughout the past year. We had a small candidate pool due to the on the road nature and Germanic speaking requirements of the job, and other suppliers had failed to deliver.” 

– Diane Cameron, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist


Previously, Solutions Driven had successfully filled a
business critical role for the company, so Cigna were
aware of the Solutions Driven team’s capabilities.

Using in-depth candidate sourcing techniques, Solutions
Driven’s Talent Delivery Specialists put together a shortlist of candidates that matched Cigna’s requirements to at least a 90% fit. With a dedicated recruiter assigned to the task, Solutions Driven spent time engaging passive candidates and activating them, to fill the role. 

Cigna and Solutions Driven were in regular contact throughout the process, with updates on how the search was going and checking whether sample candidates met their expectations.

“I was very happy with the whole end-to-end process and the engagement with the Solutions Driven team was excellent throughout.”


Diane Cameron

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Cigna


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