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How Elringklinger's complicated role was filled through Hiring Enablement

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ElringKlinger are “one of the world’s leading system partners to the automotive industry” specialising in lightweight solutions, sealing and shielding technology, tooling and engineering services.

They address key industry challenges by focusing on sustainability, fuel efficiency, emissions reduction, and alternative drive technologies. A committed team of approximately 9,600 individuals operates across 46 global sites within the ElringKlinger Group.

ElringKlinger were searching for a Senior Systems Applications and Products Manager to oversee their US, Canadian, Mexican, and Brazilian locations.


Despite being open for a number of months, the applicants weren’t of the standard ElringKlinger

“The position was for our Warehouse Management/Logistics module and it was open
for a significant time. During this time no optimizations could be performed in this area and the business had no
appropriate day-to-day operational support.” 

– Ioannis Giannakidis, Director Application Services, ERP


Having successfully filled 40
critical roles right first time for ElringKlinger in Asia, the corporate HR team reached out again.

Using their unique 6S and 6F process, the Solutions Driven team crated an onsite/ondemand RPO to find the correct passive candidates. The team presented a longlist which was refined into a shortlist, and also collaborated on enhancing Elringklinger’s Candidate Value Proposition.

From the Solutions Driven shortlist, Ioannis chose a candidate who was right, first time.

“With Solution Driven we had very open and
honest communication during the entire recruiting process. We evaluated our options and the available candidates and that made the entire process very transparent.

The service package we received was a complete “all-in-one”.

I am very happy/satisfied with the overall results. During the whole process, I was always aware of what was going on.”


Ioannis Giannakidis

Director Application Services, ERP, ElringKlinger


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