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Embedded Recruitment

The flexible alternative to an RPO. Embedded talent solutions for hiring fast, scaling your business, implementing talent strategies, and providing consultation.

Available as a complete talent team or to enhance your existing department.

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Alley Agee
Recruiting Operations Manager, Aktana

“The Solutions Driven team, from
Exec management to frontline
recruitment consultants, are
fully committed to our business
partnership. The results being
delivered are improving hire after
hire as our partnership continues
to bed in. Thanks!”

Veronika Höger
HR Manager, Sanmina SCI Germany GmbH
“We are 200% satisfied with the competent service provided by the whole Team of Solutions Driven – from Scope call to invoicing. They managed to fill our position within 2 months! Thank you & looking forward to further recruitings together!”
Colin Van Exel
Vice President, Sales, Ocean Insight
“The process Solutions Driven uses to source potential candidates is one of the best I have ever been exposed to. They continually find high quality candidates that fit the Ocean sales team’s requirements and culture. Excellent partners!”
A successful recruitment
strategy isn’t always easy
A successful recruitment strategy isn’t always easy
Are you experiencing these talent challenges?
  • Lack of recruitment capacity in your talent team
  • Gaps in TA capabilities, functions, or geographies
  • Behind on your hiring plan
  • Entering a new location or setting up a new business area
  • Lack of business buy in to TA strategy
  • Unable to attract top passive talent
If so, your current talent team could
benefit from a bespoke on-demand
embedded solution.
If so, your current talent team could benefit from a bespoke on-demand embedded solution.
Better, easier, flexible hiring is
Better, easier, flexible hiring is possible
SD Embed provides a flexible bespoke solution for candidate pipelining,
candidate experience, and hiring processes. All backed up by data,
intelligence and insights.
20+ years
experience across
hundreds of
20+ years experience across hundreds of industries

No matter where you or what you do, you need to be confident your recruitment partner can slip into your business and understand your industry from day one. With experience recruiting across hundreds of industries, the Solutions Driven team use data and intelligence to understand your market and help you get ahead.

We’ve worked on embedded projects in the UK, US, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Malaysia and more, meaning we’re perfectly placed to assist your talent strategy, wherever you are. 

Predictable and
scalable processes

We work with you on a consultative basis, agreeing with you what success looks like right at the beginning.

With over 20 years of managing critical and volume hiring projects, we have effective business processes, tech tools, and reporting models to spearhead these projects, and complement your existing processes and ATS.

Hiring intelligence when you need it most

Our team come fully trained in using data and intelligence to help you scale your team, hire great people, and understand new markets. We’ll seamlessly integrate with your internal recruiters or hiring team to give you the support you need, adding value along the way.

Why our current clients work with us
  • Act and behave like a TA team, not a recruitment company.
  • Accountability and peace of mind. We own and solve your hiring challenges.
  • Frequent, insightful communication so you’re always in the loop.
  • Accuracy of reporting and excellent levels of preparation.
  • Hires are always made to your timescales.
  • A flexible team to meet changes in hiring plans.
  • We treat your brand and value proposition like it’s our own.

“Right now, the hiring market is tough.

Companies are trying to grow and scale, yet there’s a shortage
of in-house recruiters and the world is uncertain.

To scale successfully, succession plan, or manage attrition
effectively, they need the ability to flex their talent capabilities
according to internal and external forces.

Solutions Driven has spent 20+ years working with STEM
companies to support teams with hiring challenges they can’t
solve internally or develop quickly.

Your company deserves top recruiters, backed by a network
of expertise who can assist you with your biggest hiring
challenges, when you need it, where you need it.”

Gavin Speirs,
CEO Solutions Driven

Our Customers
389 Companies | 59 Countries | 5600 Hires | 22 years
Avoid costly hiring mistakes once
and for all by following these
simple steps...
Avoid costly hiring mistakes once and for all by following these simple steps...
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Whether you’re hiring for growth, entering a new market, or just need to expand your capacity, we guarantee results, every time.
Recruitment Process Intelligence™ A guide to hiring right, first time…
and every time.
This book was written to help talent acquisition departments, recruitment teams and hiring managers understand how Solutions Driven and Recruitment “Process Intelligence can help you attract the best talent, build your employer brand and reduce cost of hire. This book is based on Recruitment Process Intelligence best practices both from our own experience of applying it and lessons we’ve learned from working with clients in 59 global countries.
Success demands the world’s best talent.
We help you find it.