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Finding a Product Manager Lead For an Evolving Role at MCS

MCS was looking to hire a new Project Manager Lead for their busy team. During Covid, they had naturally lost some employees, and a team member had recently left. This meant they had a gap for a new employee.

The Project Manager Lead is a key role for MCS. Their Project Manager Lead guides clients from one end of the process to the other, and recent changes allowed them to look for a slightly different candidate profile from their usual ones.

MCS Ltd offers root-cause failure analysis and product development support using materials science. They work in many sectors, including electronics, aerospace, defence, oil & gas, medical, and automotive. Here, they help customers understand the cause of failures (or identify product improvements) and implement appropriate solutions.

To fill the challenging position, MCS needed a recruitment partner who could work closely with them and who would become an extension of their internal talent team.

MCS’s COO, Suzanne Costello, had been in touch with Solutions Driven in the past. One of our senior team had contacted her as a candidate for another role. So when MCS knew they had to hire for a business-critical role, Suzanne suggested talking to Solutions Driven. 

Step in Solutions Driven…

Despite initial uncertainty about the candidate, the teams worked closely together and found the perfect person for the role.

Access the case study here to find out how we achieved this.