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On this podcast, you’ll find a mix of interviews with leaders from Talent Acquisition and HR. We discuss topics like recruitment, sourcing, careers, HR, data, intelligence, interviews, candidates, and processes as well as why they love what they do and who they admire most in the same industry!

In the first episode, you’ll be inspired by how this young black female in the Newcastle area faced many challenges and struggles before she landed her dream job in tech. Janet Onyia is raising awareness on the struggles faced by not just black women in tech, but women in tech in general. She also talks about the impact of recruiting women in tech in this new world of remote recruitment.

In the second episode, we talk about Diversity and Inclusion with Drift’s CEO, David Cancel, and how they’ve created a truly inclusive culture and maintained a high performing company culture when the staff are all remote. We also talk about how to recruit remotely, and how to attract and retain staff.

On this Talent Intelligence Podcast, we will also talk about culture, methods, attitude, and how to hire.

This is just a glimpse of what you’ll hear on the Podcast. You’re surely going to find these episodes interesting and you will get the best value out of them.

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