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An Inside Look Into The Reality Of Recruitment Events with Jamie Leonard & Jo Grant

With RecFest just around the corner, we sat down with Jamie Leonard, Founder & CEO of The Recruitments Events Co., and Jo Grant, Employer Branding Manager & Assistant Director at EY, to discuss the reality of recruitment events, the importance of celebrating talent acquisition and RecFest’s 10 year anniversary!

Unlike traditional conferences, RecFest offers a more interactive, engaging, and fun environment. It began modestly with 100 attendees, but its popularity has grown significantly, with larger teams from companies like TFL participating. The event stands out for its focus on celebrating the often thankless work of talent acquisition professionals, providing a platform for networking, idea sharing, and community building, which is what sets RecFest apart as a must-attend event in the industry.

The event has fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and professional development among attendees. The podcast transcript highlights the importance of industry connections and learning opportunities at RecFest, with Jo emphasising the emotional and professional benefits of reuniting with peers and discovering new industry trends. The event also addresses challenges like imposter syndrome by offering a supportive environment for professionals to gain confidence in their skills. This focus on connection and learning underscores RecFest’s role in driving innovation and success within the recruitment industry.

By bringing together professionals, job seekers, and industry experts, RecFest creates a space for sharing ideas, building partnerships, and finding new career opportunities. The emphasis on collaboration, passion, and giving back to the community highlights RecFest’s commitment to fostering growth and success in talent acquisition, making it a powerful symbol of recognition and appreciation in the industry.

Joining our podcast hosts Nicki Paterson and Alan McFadden, Jamie and Jo delve into:

  • Memorable moments from past events 
  • Comebacks from covid, and the return of in-person events 
  • The importance of a collaborative event atmosphere 
  • The DE&I initiatives promoted at RecFest 

And more!

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