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Finding The Optimal Recruitment Process For Your Firm 

In the fast-paced & ever-evolving world of business, talent acquisition & recruitment remain critical pillars for any business building a resilient & dynamic workforce. In the modern market, there’s no shortage of different recruitment models to utilise, including: embedded recruitment teams, in house talent acquisition, head-hunters, and outsourced recruitment firms.  With so many recruitment processes […]

How Proactive Recruitment Is Shaping The Future Of Talent Acquisition 

In the constantly changing discipline of talent acquisition, the concept of proactive recruitment stands out as a fresh & transformative recruitment strategy which is becoming more prevalent in an increasingly competitive talent market.   Proactive recruitment is a forward-thinking approach to recruiting talent, which emphasises the cultivation of candidate relationships, long-term strategic hiring planning, and the […]

Best Practices for Implementing Embedded Recruitment in Your Organisation

The recruitment landscape has changed drastically over the past decade, with technological advancements and demographic changes, as well as a growing emphasis on strategic talent acquisition, businesses around the globe are grappling with the aftermath of global crises and are turning to innovative recruitment solutions.   Enter embedded recruitment, a game-changing approach to recruitment that promises […]

How Embedded Recruitment Can Boost Workplace Diversity

In today’s competitive market, leveraging innovation in your recruitment strategy is key for companies aiming to enrich their organisational culture and drive the business forward. Embedded recruitment stands as a key pillar of these strategies, offering an approach to talent acquisition that emphasises the importance of diversity and inclusion. This method not only enhances the […]

An Inside Look Into The Reality Of Recruitment Events with Jamie Leonard & Jo Grant

With RecFest just around the corner, we sat down with Jamie Leonard, Founder & CEO of The Recruitments Events Co., and Jo Grant, Employer Branding Manager & Assistant Director at EY, to discuss the reality of recruitment events, the importance of celebrating talent acquisition and RecFest’s 10 year anniversary! Unlike traditional conferences, RecFest offers a […]

How AI Is Powering The Future Of Hiring with Marcus Sawyerr, Andrea Cianek MBA & Matthew Pryor

With AI streamlining every part of the recruitment process, Nicki Paterson sat down with Marcus Sawyerr, Andrea Cianek MBA and Matthew Pryor to discuss the effects of AI in recruitment and talent acquisition… AI is revolutionising the hiring landscape by streamlining various aspects such as resume screening, recruitment marketing, automated interviewing, and pipeline management. These […]

Exploring AI’s Role in Modern Recruitment Strategies

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) now used in just about every business, the way we work is changing. It’s a topic we explored in our recent white paper, Unlocking the Power of AI: Overcoming Challenges for Enhanced Productivity and Employee Wellbeing. And recruitment is no exception – the way we source, screen, and hire people is […]

How AI Technology Supports Employee Mental Health and Wellness

In recent years, our mental health and well-being have become important topics. Not only are we all now far more aware of mental health challenges, but our employers have more responsibility than ever to ensure we’re happy and safe while at work. According to the CIPD’s 2022 Health and Wellbeing at Work report, 81% of […]

How AI Impacts Productivity in Growing Enterprises

If you think about any of the world’s largest enterprises, chances are they didn’t grow and achieve their status without a lot of hard work, and no doubt, some refining of processes along the way. There’s a direct link between productivity and success. Efficiency and output are two factors that bear a direct influence on […]

AI-Powered Talent Acquisition: Redefining Efficiency and Effectiveness

Talent acquisition is a critical function for any organisation wanting to thrive. How do you grow and improve without great people? Your business’ success hinges on identifying, attracting, and hiring skilled individuals who can take your company to the next level.  Traditional recruitment methods, while a great place to start, aren’t always the best option. […]