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Building An Inhouse TA Function In A Scaling Company – Aligning Processes, Calendars, And Hiring Managers

In scaling a company, maintaining alignment across various facets of the organization is paramount for sustained growth and success. As companies expand rapidly, ensuring that every function operates in sync becomes increasingly challenging yet essential.

Among these functions, Talent Acquisition (TA) stands out as a critical pillar, responsible for not only fulfilling hiring demands but also aligning processes, educating stakeholders, and optimizing operational efficiency.

Christer Hansen, the Head of Global TA at Copenhagen Offshore Partners, brings over two decades of rich experience in navigating the complexities of global TA and HR roles across diverse industries and regions.

With a background that spans from agency recruitment to senior TA leadership roles in multinational corporations, Christer has honed his expertise in building and leading high-performing TA functions in companies undergoing rapid growth.

In this episode of the Hiring Enablement Podcast, Christer sits down with Solutions Driven CEO and podcast host, Gavin Speirs, to delve into…

  • Strategies for ensuring that the TA function keeps pace with hiring demands while maintaining process alignment.
  • Effective methods for educating the business on the evolving hiring market and its implications for talent acquisition.
  • Steps TA leaders can take to demonstrate the value of their function and transition from a cost center to a charged service.
  • Tactics for fostering hiring manager alignment and active participation in the recruitment process.
  • Tools and practices for maintaining calendar alignment and streamlining scheduling to enhance time-to-hire metrics.
  • Christer’s biggest learning throughout his TA career and his advice to other peers

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