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Solutions Driven Wins Best International Recruitment Company

Solutions Driven Wins Best International Recruitment Agency Award

We did it! We won the Best International Recruitment Agency award at the prestigious Recruiter Awards on 29th September 2022!   We’ve always been committed to providing the best client services. And in over 22 years of business, we’ve been fortunate to have 89% of our clients come back to us on repeat business, big […]

Top 7 Tips for Avoiding Counteroffers

avoiding counteroffers

“My current employment have offered me more money if I stay here”. Are those the scariest words in the English language? If you’re a recruiter — yes!   Counter-offers are scarily common right now. Everyone needs good employees but no one wants to lose them. You’ll all have heard the stories about lay-offs across tech in […]

How Important Is An Embedded Partner Who Embodies Your Company Brand?

embedded talent partner

Imagine this. Your company is growing. Because of recruitment challenges, you found yourself partnering with an embedded recruitment team. A couple of weeks, and a few thousand pounds later, candidates keep dropping through the recruitment process. And thankfully, you think you’ve managed to recruit the top talent you’re looking for. Only for the candidates to […]

How Hiring Intelligence Can Solve Critical Business Challenges

Hiring Intelligence (1)

Picture this. You’re launching in a new location, and you’ve never worked there before. That means filling new open roles with quality candidates and competing with companies you don’t even know of. All in an area you’re not familiar with. Leadership and management teams know these are key to making the launch a success and […]