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Retention-Ready Onboarding: Turning First Days into Careers With Marie-Louise Ek

Attracting top talent is one thing, but keeping employees engaged and retaining them long-term is another story. One thing’s for sure though – as this episode’s guest puts it, a thoughtful and well-executed onboarding process sets the tone for an employee’s entire career and long-term success with an organization.

In this episode of The Hiring Enablement Podcast, we explore how to create a retention-ready onboarding experience that turns an employee’s first days into the beginning of a rewarding career rather than just another job.

Our guest, Marie-Louise Ek, VP of HR Middle East and Africa for Hilton, shares her deep expertise on this topic. With over 2 decades of diverse HR leadership roles at major global companies like Sandvik, Bridgestone, Coty, and Pepsi, Marie-Louise offers a wealth of knowledge.

Together with host Gavin Speirs, she discusses Hilton’s unique “Every Job Makes The Stay” philosophy and how it shapes impactful day-one experiences for new hires. Plus…

  • Hilton’s “Every Job Makes The Stay” onboarding philosophy focused on fostering an employee’s sense of purpose from the start
  • Leadership strategies to build trust, mentorship, and career growth opportunities through the onboarding process
  • Enhancing communication to help employees visualise their future career paths in the organisation
  • Prioritising employee wellbeing and inclusion from day one to positively influence long-term retention
  • Leveraging your employer value proposition (EVP) throughout onboarding so new hires experience your organization’s differentiated benefits
  • Marie-Louise shares her top learnings from her prolific HR career and advice for peers

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