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Shifting Paradigms In Recruitment – From “How and When” to “Why and What” With Andrei Muresan

Building a strategic talent acquisition function is imperative today, but it requires fundamentally evolving how we think about hiring.

This means shifting from a narrow tactical focus on “how and when” – simply filling roles reactively – to thinking more broadly on the “why and what” – how hiring contributes to the long-term organizational strategy and success.

This enables recruiting leaders to become true strategic partners through effective workforce planning, robust talent pipelining based on future needs, and deeply understanding team dynamics before bringing on new roles. 

Our guest Andrei Muresan, Head of People at DATAPAO, brings a wealth of experience leading strategic talent acquisition and scaling high-growth tech companies. Previously leading tech recruitment for fintech unicorn Wise and people ops for Shapr3D, Andrei has spearheaded the shift from reactive hiring focused on volume to strategic workforce planning focused on long-term organizational success.  

Andrei joins host Gavin Speirs to discuss… 

  • The role of the TA teams in building unsustainable companies, enhancing the doomed-to-fail frenzy we’ve seen for the past few years in hiring and scaling up organizations 
  • Hiring tactics that transform “how and when” hiring to “why and what” hiring
  • How hiring managers are evolving from speed-focused decision-makers to strategic partners 
  • Andrei’s biggest learning throughout his People and TA career 

Tune in to the episode to learn how to drive systemic change and establish sustainable, value-driven recruitment practices that serve your organization’s long-term vision. 

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