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Embedding an Operational Excellence Mindset Into the Hiring Process With Matthew Howe

Leading organisations recognise that optimising the hiring process itself is critical to efficiently bringing in the top talent so fundamental to their success.

In this episode of The Hiring Enablement Podcast, host Matthew Howe dives into how organizations can embed principles of operational excellence into their talent acquisition strategy and seamlessly become an integral part of recruiters’ and hiring managers’ daily routines to adapt to changing market dynamics.

With over 15 years’ experience and now leading high-volume recruitment for BT Group, Matthew Howes brings a wealth of operational excellence best practices to this episode of The Hiring Enablement Podcast.

Joining host Gavin Speirs, Matthew dives into…

  • Integrating the key elements of an operational excellence mindset into the daily routines of recruiters and hiring managers
  • How TA leaders can ensure volume hiring doesn’t compromise the quality of candidates brought into the organisation
  • Identifying and addressing a specific pain point in your hiring process through operational excellence
  • The role of technology and automation in achieving operational excellence in talent acquisition
  • Leveraging operational excellence to optimize hiring and adapt to evolving talent markets
  • Matthew’s key learnings throughout his TA career

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