The 6F Methodology™

Our proven approach to finding the right candidate and client fit every time.

What our clients are saying

“I rarely take calls from recruiters: I inevitably ask them what about my background made them think I might be a fit for their opportunity, and they're usually at a loss. Well, that strategy didn't work with Jo, because she knew my background inside and out. She was incredibly organised, professionally persistent, and has a way of making you feel good about yourself. I cannot recommend Jo enough. I will always be her biggest fan!”

You’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist of 4 top candidates…

They’ve interviewed well. They’ve passed all the tests. They’ve got the skills you want. Said the right things. So far, so good.

But wait. Do you really know at a personal level what motivates them to get up in the morning and come to work? What’s their goals and career ambitions? Can they be achieved at your company? Will this role provide the job satisfaction and freedom they secretly crave to keep them fulfilled for years to come? Or is there a good chance they’ll get bored and leave after a year or two?

You need answers to these questions before you can confidently make any kind of offer. Right?

That’s where the 6F Methodology™ comes in. It’s like having a superpower that magically reveals what makes a candidate tick and do their best work.

The 6F Methodology™ considers every aspect of an individual’s personal and professional needs. And once you have these insights in front of you, only then can you confidently make the right hiring decision.

The 6F Methodology™ ensures we remain focused on finding the right fit for everyone.

01 FIT

The right role, for the
right candidate.

Culture fit and culture add are two important elements in any role; it’s what makes work feel like a choice rather than a chore. Finding the right environment for all candidates is a core part of our process, allowing them to thrive and really add value to your company’s culture.


Trust and flexibility to
try new things.

Providing your future employees with enough trust and flexibility to try new things and take on new challenges can be the difference between fulfilment and monotony. We’ll always ask the candidate what their goals and ambitions are for the future to make sure they’re the right fit for your business.


Some things are more important than a job.

Some things are simply more important than work. They just are. Finding the right balance between an individual’s family and work life is essential for everyone. We don’t believe that a career should be the only reason to get out of bed in the morning.


Life is too short not
to enjoy work.

Life’s too short not to have some fun along the way. Understanding what drives people both professionally and personally is vital, and we do our utmost to take an individual’s preferences into account during the talent sourcing process. We’re all different after all.


Money, success, satisfaction – whatever it may be.

Money, success, satisfaction…we identify exactly what makes the candidate feel like they’ve ‘made it’. Aligning their current and future goals with the opportunity on offer is critical to achieving the right fit for everyone in the short and long term. That way everyone’s a winner.


Your goals, ambitions, and desires for the road ahead.

Whatever the candidate’s ambitions are for the future, we want to make sure they’re going to be in the right role to help them and your company continue a journey of achievement.

[VIDEO] The 6F’s Methodology:
Our secret approach to finding the right
candidate and client fit.


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