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6S Process™

A Proven Process and Framework that Guarantees the Right Hire, First Time

“Not Quite What We
Were Looking For”

How often have you repeated those tragic words back to a recruiter who promised to find you the very best talent for a business-critical role? 20% of the time? 30%? 45%?

Most hiring teams say this happens a staggering 60% of the time. So why continue to take a chance when it comes to your most valuable asset – your people?

On top of that, your time is valuable. And it costs you and your organisation real money when your recruitment process is delayed or just fails because of poor processes and lack of alignment.

At Solutions Driven we take a very different approach. An approach which guarantees delivery of the right hire, first time, every time.

From the start of every new hiring process, we execute our world leading 6S Process™. A process that over that last few years has helped to achieve a 97% Right Hire, First Time success rate for our client partners.

It’s a recruitment process backed by real intelligence. One that attracts the world’s best talent, amplifies your employer brand, and reduces bottom line hiring costs.

When it Comes to Your Next
Executive Search or Business
Critical Hire, Don’t Take Any

Here’s How We Use the 6S Process™
To Find You The World’s Best

Here’s How We Use the 6S Process™ To Find You The World’s Best Talent

1. Scoping

Kickstart the process the right way to avoid pain later.

When it comes to finding the right hire, we start the 6S Process™ with a detailed scoping consultation with your key stakeholders. This helps us to fully understand your culture, needs and hiring requirements so we can design a process and Candidate Value Proposition (CVP) unique to you.

2. Scorecarding

Lock in what’s critical for your next hire.

Say hello to our Candidate Fit Scorecard (CFS). This powerful tool focuses in on the key skills, attributes, experience and qualifications, you desire. We screen and interview candidates using the CFS as our guide, then rank shortlisted candidates against it. We won’t present you with ‘wild cards’ or ‘fillers’; all candidates must have a 90%+ match with your fit requirements.

3. Sourcing

Discover top talent using the latest technology powered by human intelligence.

With ‘Talent Mapping Intelligence’, we deliver real insights and intelligence into where top talent is located, before applying the right engagement strategy. Our advanced sourcing techniques include x-ray web searching, forensic resourcing methods and networking activity on a global and local level to name just a few.

4. Selecting

Analyse candidates to pinpoint the perfect fit.

Our candidate analysis includes technical, competency and psychometric testing and interviewing. Tests can cover personality, working style, emotional intelligence, leadership ability, high performance indicators and general intelligence. We’ll then present you with 4-6 candidates that meet the Candidate Fit Scorecard to 90+% fit, within a maximum of 4 weeks from assignment kick-off.

5. Securing

Offer and acquire the desired candidate.

We understand and articulate your CVP to candidates whose career drivers match them. At this stage we link into our 6F Methodology™ – Fit, Freedom, Fulfillment, Family, Fortune, and Future – highlighting any major disconnects. We gradually activate passive candidates during the process, supported by the candidate value proposition, candidate engagement, and client process management.

6. Satisfying

Successful partnerships are about continuous improvement.

At the start of an assignment we agree measures of success. Our results are then reviewed against this previously agreed criteria at the end of the process, including 2-way improvement actions and NPS (net promoter score) data. We conduct regular candidate and client check-in calls and offer a 12-month free replacement.

Learn More About The 6S Process™:
It’s How We Hire Right, First Time.

Learn More About The 6S Process™: It’s How We Hire Right, First Time.

Recruitment Process Intelligence™ A Guide to Hiring Right, First Time… and Every Time.

This book was written to help talent acquisition departments, recruitment teams and hiring managers understand how Solutions Driven and Recruitment Process Intelligence can help you attract the best talent, build your employer brand and reduce cost of hire. This book is based on Recruitment Process Intelligence best practices both from our own experience of applying it and lessons we’ve learned from working with clients in 59 global countries.

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