Solutions Driven

The Story of
Solutions Driven.

The Story of Solutions Driven.


Hi, I’m Gavin, CEO of Solutions Driven.

And if you have a minute, I’d like to tell you the story of how Solutions Driven came to be and what drives

For decades, recruitment has had a huge problem. Accountability.

Contingent recruiters fire over CVs and take no responsibility for actually placing candidates, and keeping them in the role.

RPOs charge large amounts of money upfront, locking clients into long-term contracts, and not providing the data companies need to gauge how successful a project has been.

Recruitment is one of the few unregulated industries and it’s often dominated by relationships and gut feel rather than processes.

So when we started Solutions Driven, 20 years ago, we didn’t want to be recruiters in the standard sense of the word. Businesses didn’t need another contingent or outsourced service, they needed a business that did recruitment. A business that followed transparent procedures and processes, backed up by data and intelligence.

Much like their own company did.

That’s why, since then we’ve developed multiple processes to get the right candidates, first time every time. Processes to ensure businesses are making the right decision – on single hires and embedded projects. Informed by up-to-the-minute market intelligence, and decades of experience across all industries.

Because hiring managers and talent teams don’t just need hires to be made. They need to know where to search for talent, how candidates were engaged, why their own efforts have failed, and how they can ensure candidates stay with the business.

We’ve been using these processes for 20+ years.

But it’s only recently that we put them together and
created RPI – Recruitment Process Intelligence.

RPI is the only way to guarantee recruitment results for hiring teams backed by proven processes and real intelligence. It’s how you can set targets on long term projects, and know they’ll be delivered to your specifications. It’s how we ensure our entire team is accountable to deadlines and outcomes.

Recruitment Process Intelligence gets the right hires, the right strategies, and the right intelligence, with full accountability.

In fact, we’re so confident in it, we give 12 month guarantees on all candidates placed in search roles, and link our revenue to performance in embedded projects.

We put our clients and candidates at the centre of everything we do. Whilst making hiring teams and candidates feel great about the results achieved.

We believe it positively challenges the traditional views of the recruitment sector.

Our outstanding team is always at your service. Our job is to help you do your job better and make it easier.

We hope you’ll consider using Solutions Driven on your next hire.