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Recruitment Insights from Gavin Speirs

Get regular recruitment news, tips, and observations from Solutions Driven’s CEO, Gavin Speirs, gleaned from over 20 years of global industry experience.

What You’ll Receive

  • I’ll share some of the top insights, stories (no confidential bits), and concerns from the hundreds of recruitment and people experts I talk to every month. These will be short and sweet giving you an insight into what other professionals in your position are experiencing.

  • You’ll get to read about some Recruitment Red Flags I’ve come across in my career, hopefully helping you avoid common pitfalls or trends that just don’t work or could harm your business.

  • There’s nothing better than being recommended a great book or article you might otherwise have missed. So I’ll share any great reads I think might be of interest. Please do reciprocate if there’s anything you’d like to share too.