Solutions Driven

How HBK Used External Talent Partners to Flex Their Recruitment Capabilities in Uncertain Times

Ida Matthiesen joined HBK as a Talent Acquisition Partner in February 2020, just weeks before Coronavirus became widespread. Soon after, some unexpected changes in the team meant that Ida was in charge of global talent acquisition for the whole company.

HBK’s recruitment was scaled back dramatically due to the global shutdown and uncertainty, and Ida was spinning a lot of plates.

Then 2021 came, and like many other businesses, HBK realised they needed to ramp up their recruitment. Their 2020 hiring plans were backed up and they were into a new year with its own strategy. But because of the uncertainty of 2020, their talent team just didn’t have the resources to deal with rapid growth.

Step in Solutions Driven…

The Solutions Driven team knew how HBK worked, they were aware of their Candidate Value Proposition, and they knew the standard of employees HBK required.

After a consultation, one of our Talent Delivery Specialists joined HBK for a short period to support Ida while she built up the talent team and went through the initial flurry of hiring.

To learn more on how Solutions Driven helped HBK to succeed, download our case study.