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Struggling With A Lack Of Qualified
Candidates For Your Open Roles?

If there’s anything to be learned from using a trusted recruitment partner, it’s that lack of quality candidates doesn’t need to be a problem.

We understand what you’re going through…

We’ve been there! And we’ve found a way to make sure the dreaded ‘no-quality-candidates’ problem NEVER happens again.

At Solutions Driven we know about attracting quality candidates. We use a Proprietary Process called the 6S Process to identify, engage, and ultimately motivate the right talent for all positions.

In fact we’re officially inviting you to join our one week sprint to teach you how we do it.

It only takes five minutes a day for a week.

At the end you’ll have clarity on what you need to do to eliminate the ‘not enough quality candidates’ problem once and for all.

Ready to end your lack of quality candidate problem?

Mastering the 6S Process will help you:-

  • have a consistent recruitment process that produces results
  • achieve a low/no attrition rate
  • protect your brand but still have it compelling enough to engage top talent

Getting started is easy. Sign up below to join our quick training course on the process:

“We’d been trying to fill a role for over a year with other recruiters. SD found a suitable candidate that passed all our criteria in just under 2 months! A very methodical approach that’s given us great success.”

-Aaron McGroarty
Head of Product, Avire

“Solutions Driven did a fantastic job of understanding my requirements & finding a steady candidate stream. Interviews were professionally orchestrated & candidates fully engaged.”

-Aaron McGroarty
Head of Product, Avire

Elringklinger spent months looking for a key hire to oversee the US and South America. Using in depth candidate sourcing techniques & Candidate Fit Scorecards, we sent them a qualified shortlist who matched their needs to a 90% fit.

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