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Recruitment Process Intelligence VS Traditional Recruitment

Traditional recruitment can be frustrating. No accountability, no insights, and poor quality candidates. Add in roles being open too long and poor acceptance rates, and it can feel like ever day is a challenge.

But Recruitment Process Intelligence can change that. RPI is the new, intelligence-based way to recruit, guaranteeing the right hire, first time every time.

It’s how Solutions Driven hires the right people 97% of the time.

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The 6 Principles of Recruitment Process Intelligence

1. Human powered processes to find, engage and attract your ideal candidate.

2. Use of real-time data to drive continuous hiring improvement.

3. Full accountability and measurement from the outset.

4. Blending the science of recruitment with the art of engagement.

5. Recruiters are measured on real results,  not false promises.

6. We love being the silent partner.