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Solutions Driven is a global recruitment company
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Saving you time and money so you can hire talent you
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Steven Wyper
COO, Cintra

“The Solutions Driven team, from Exec management to frontline recruitment consultants, are fully committed to our business partnership. The results being delivered are improving hire after hire as our partnership continues to bed in. Thanks!”

Aaron McGroarty
Head of Product, Avire

"We have been trying to fill the role for over a year with outer recruiters, SD managed to find us a suitable candidate that passed all our criteria in just under 2 months!"

Tina Harkins
Solutions Consultant, Prosperoware

"Solutions Driven made this process so easy and painless. Keith Palmer was our rep and he did a great job culling down candidates, providing detailed summaries and organizing interviews across multiple time zones. It was a great experience!"

Carlos Cervantes Toral
Program & Quality Manager, Aktana

“The service provided has definitively facilitated the hiring process. Candidates adhered seamlessly to the requirements of the role and the assessment also helped to make decision. Great work!”

One wrong hire can have
a serious business impact

Are you experiencing these recruitment challenges?

  • Struggling to engage and hire top talent?
  • Lack of diverse candidates to choose from?
  • Passive candidates becoming more passive?
  • Time to hire increasing?
  • Struggling to hire in certain geographies?
  • Poor internal engagement from hiring teams?

Are you experiencing these business impacts?

  • Not meeting budget due to hiring gaps?
  • Internal hiring teams struggling with capacity?
  • Hiring becoming more reactive?
  • Your internal team can’t deal with confidential hires?
  • Losing talent to competitors more frequently?
  • Hiring teams not moving quick enough to meet business needs?

If so, your current recruitment processes could be stopping interest from top talent.

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At Solutions Driven, we believe
everyone should be able to hire
the best talent first time.

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Better is possible

Your new way to guarantee recruitment results backed by proven processes and real intelligence

recruitment results

We’re fully accountable to your business when it comes to hiring your most important asset – people.

That’s why we’re so proud of our 97% right hire, first time success rate. When you partner with Solutions Driven you also benefit from our 12-month guarantee on every hire we place. And with an average 17 working days to delivery time frame, we don’t hang about.

Predictable and
scalable processes

Our 6S Process guarantees you the right hire, first time. For 22 years now, we’ve executed our proven recruitment process in 59 countries.

And when supported by our 6F Process to drive passive candidate engagement, we believe there’s no other recruitment process quite like it in the world.

Hiring intelligence
when you need it

From the get-go we analyse real-time global talent pool insights to give your hiring team complete peace of mind that your dream candidate is out there. Throughout the process, we provide you with real time candidate feedback on your brand, the role, and value proposition.

And post-hire, we continue to follow up to ensure the hire is performing as you hoped.

TA teams are under more pressure than ever before. Recruitment is becoming increasingly complicated and you’re asked to do more than ever with less budget and resources. Truth is – when you work directly with most recruiters, they’re in the business of growing their revenue, not yours.

Solutions Driven has spent the last 22 years supporting
clients globally to secure top talent they can’t source
themselves. We make decisions in your best interest,
using easy to understand virtual tools.

Your company deserves a recruitment
strategy that guarantees results.

Gavin Speirs,
CEO Solutions Driven

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389 Companies | 59 Countries | 5600 Hires | 22 years

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