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Solutions Driven has 20+ years of recruiting for some of the best STEM companies across the globe. Securing top talent and guaranteeing the right candidates for the right roles.

Hiring managers in science
tell us they’re experiencing these issues when trying to hire top talent:


Hiring Insanity

Even when organisations are struggling to hire, the vast majority continue to do the same the things, use the same processes and partners…and expect, hope, pray for different results.

Hiring teams don’t realise how much hiring has changed and don’t use data to drive decisions and improvements.


Hiring Execution

There’s a global issue where organisations are unable to always hire the talent they want and when they need it. 

As a result, they fall behind with their business/profit plans.   

Because of a lack of hiring execution. 


Hiring Inequality

Every organisation talks about diversity being a major focus.  

But many don’t know where to start in hiring diversely or scoping out new talent pools.  And many don’t know to remove unconscious bias from their hiring process.  Which could impact opportunities and growth for talent.   

They suffer from hiring inequality. 

But it doesn’t need to be like this. There’s a new way to recruit…

It’s called Hiring Enablement, and it’s the new way to guarantee results in science and data science recruitment. With Hiring Enablement we guarantee right first time hiring results, all while providing hiring teams with the right resources, tools, technology, playbooks, and insights to improve their own hiring approach.

Avoid costly STEM hiring mistakes
once and for all by following
these simple steps…

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Whether it’s C-suite, senior management, business critical, or niche roles, you’ll get the perfect hire who meets all your requirements.

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“SD has supported us with an exceptional service. They have an incredible team and provide the best candidates. Truly appreciate SD service”

Suresh Penumatsa, Lead
Database Engineer


“The Solutions Driven team, from Exec management to frontline recruitment consultants, are fully committed to our partnership.”


Steven Wyper, COO

Hiring Enablement

A guide to hiring efficiently and effectively. Every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two services: SD Search and SD Embedded.

SD Search

Our SD Search fees are around 20%, depending on the type and number of roles.

Unlike many retained recruitment agencies, we don’t charge upfront for each new role, but instead focus on payment when milestones have been achieved.

You’re invoiced when key milestones have been achieved. Our payment process is linked to value delivered, not empty promises.

SD Embedded

For SD Embedded, we’ll agree measures of success at the beginning of the process and work with you to create a bespoke package for you.

All of our team are experienced STEM recruiters and either specialise in life sciences, medical devices, biotechnology, or other science recruiting, have had a STEM career, or had extensive training.

Compared to other recruitment agencies, we have a high success rate across industries. In SD Search we place 97% of roles first time, every time.

Occasionally, we come across jobs where there are appropriate candidate shortages – for example, when hiring for diversity + specific skills in a majority white or male dominated industry. Here, we support the hiring manager to work out areas of flex.

For SD Embedded, we can improve your current success rate, or set down Key Performance Indicators that you’d like us to adhere to.

Approximately 40% of our jobs are in the US and 60% in EMEA.

Solutions Driven is based in Scotland with people working across the globe. Our team posses multiple languages, and operating in all time-zones as a trusted partner.

The 6S Process

We follow a 6S process to source and secure candidates, and a 6F methodology to get the right candidate and client fit.

The 6S process is our proven process and framework, guaranteeing the right person for the role. We follow 6 steps – scoping, scorecarding, sourcing, selecting, securing, and satisfying – to find these applicants.

The 6F Methodology

The 6F Methodology looks at fit, freedom, family, fulfilment, fortune, and future priorities of candidates for a new role to ensure they’ll gel with the company and become long-term assets to the team.

The 6E Framework

For embedded projects or services, we use a six step framework that ensures success in multiple industries. Designed specifically for embedded recruitment, it provides a step by step process for embedded projects. The 6E Framework is made up of expectation, engagement, execution, efficiency, enablement, and experience.

We provide 180 degree recruitment solutions, meaning our business growth team will walk you through the process of becoming a customer, acting as your account manager. Then they’ll arrange a meeting with your stakeholders, themselves, and your dedicated recruitment consultant.

Then your dedicated Search or Embedded recruitment consultant (or consultants) will take over.

SD Search

Our Search team are specialised in sourcing the best talent across industries. We’ll arrange regular check in calls to continually align your requirements, and ours. Company priorities can change throughout a process, and we want to ensure we’re always on top of that.

SD Embedded

For embedded recruitment solutions, we match you with a member /s of our team best suited for the project who can support and manage your goals.

We ask for a high level of buy-in from our clients, according to their business needs and throughout the whole process. That means taking part in a scoping call at the beginning of the process, where we discover your requirements in areas like getting the right skills and salary, and look at areas of flex.

We then create a sample longlist and shortlist for feedback. After that, we’ll provide you with a shortlist where you can choose which candidates to interview.

It’s not a laborious process, but to get the right person and not have to start from scratch if they don’t work out – we need to know exactly who is right for you.

This is dependent on the type of position, the requirements, and can also be affected by things like national holidays (looking at you, Christmas!).

SD Search

For SD Search services, it’s usually around 4-5 weeks, however this can change depending on the above. Your initial contact in the business growth team will oversee the process and will always be available if you have any questions or concerns.

SD Embedded

For embedded recruitment solutions, we will discuss measures of success at the beginning of the process and will agree these before beginning working together.

The Solutions Driven team takes the time to ensure all collateral is on-brand for your business and represents who you are.

Our team also works to embody your core values, treating candidates as you would and ensuring rejected candidates leave with a positive impression.

We offer a 12-month guarantee on all roles in SD Search.

If your new employee doesn’t work out, we’ll refill that role for free within their first year. With a 97% success rate on Search roles, we rarely ever have to refill roles though.

In SD Embedded, we discuss measures of success at the beginning of the project and sign these off before kicking off.

Yes. We’ve recently formalised our embedded offering and launched SD Embedded.

The last couple of years have been ones of up and down. Now, as we’re starting to open back up, businesses need to ramp quickly. But they don’t have the capacity to deal with it.

However, many businesses don’t need an RPO embedded long-term, they need more flexible recruitment solutions. A recruitment company that works as a partner not just a supplier. So we offer a fixed-term embedded service that allows flex in talent acquisition with an experienced recruiter or recruiters.

You can see what clients and the candidates say about us.

Many of our business comes from referrals through happy customers or candidates who have furthered their career through working with us.

Additionally, 89% of our clients return to us to fill other roles after our first placement.

RPI is Recruitment Process Intelligence – the new way for recruitment agencies and internal teams to guarantee recruitment results for hiring teams backed by proven processes and real intelligence and knowledge.

There are 6 principles of RPI:

1. Human powered processes to find, engage and attract your ideal candidate.

2. Full accountability and measurement from the outset.

3. Measured on results, not false promises.

4. Use of real-time data to drive continuous hiring improvement.

5. Blending the science of recruitment with the art of engagement.

6. We love being the silent partner

Solutions Driven has been a recruitment company for 20+ years. Our founder started the company after becoming frustrated when dealing with recruitment agencies in his VP position.

Since then, Solutions Driven has worked on every type of role imaginable, including in the scientific industry, on every continent across the world.

We have two offerings at Solutions Driven, SD Search and SD Embedded.

In SD Search we job search on business critical or niche roles. We mainly fill complicated positions, vital for business growth, or executive positions, where having the right skills is extremely important.

Our main focus of job sectors is in STEM recruitment, and we’re a skilled science recruitment agency. We’ve worked filling science jobs across the pharmaceutical markets, in clinical departments, as C-suite recruiters, in life sciences, and much more. Our team have indepth knowledge of regulatory affairs, meaning we’re at the forefront of full spectrum science headhunting.

In SD Embedded, we offer longer-term embedded recruitment, tailored to your needs. That could be working with your team in implementation of a new diversity strategy, end-to-end resourcing for a department, or general management or assistance of recruitment in launching in a new location.

Success demands the world’s best talent.
We help you find it.