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The Recruitment Intelligence Podcast

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On The Recruitment Intelligence Podcast, members of the Solutions Driven team discuss pressing issues across the recruitment world. 

From staff shortages to improving your EVP (employee value proposition) and diversity, we break down what’s going on and why. Get hints and tips to improve your recruitment processes or keep up with industry trends with our team of experts.

We share information on how the best hiring teams adapted their recruitment processes to find top talent during COVID-19 and why data and intelligence are key in making the right hiring decisions during cost pressures. We also discuss a number of questions clients are asking our recruiters and why building trust as a recruiter with your clients and candidates is more important than selling. We share the biggest mistakes candidates make when applying for jobs, how global brands use our Talent Mapping Intelligence to identify and attract the best talents, the new way to do Executive Search Recruitment, and more.  


Recruitment Process Intelligence is how we conduct every one of our hires, from meeting the needs of our clients to ensuring the candidates are happy and successful. Listen to the podcasts to discover valuable insights about the recruitment industry and how you can apply these to your operations.

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