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Our team of award winning Talent Partners use Hiring Enablement to consistently help you recruit outstanding STEM talent, achieving a 97% success rate, first time. 

Solutions Driven

Does your business suffer from any of these recruitment challenges?

Hiring Insanity

Even when organisations are struggling to hire, the vast majority continue to do the same things, use the same processes and partners…and expect, hope, pray for different results.  

Hiring teams don’t realise how much hiring has changed and don’t use data to drive decisions and improvements.    

If nothing changes, nothing changes. That’s hiring insanity. 


Hiring Execution

There’s a global issue where organisations are unable to always hire the talent they want and when they need it. 

As a result, they fall behind with their business/profit plans.   

Because of a lack of hiring execution. 

Hiring Inequality

Every organisation talks about diversity being a major focus.  

But many don’t know where to start in hiring diversely or scoping out new talent pools.  And many don’t know to remove unconscious bias from their hiring process.  Which could impact opportunities and growth for talent.   

They suffer from hiring inequality. 


Problems, Solved. With Hiring Enablement, our proven recruitment approach, we deliver 97% right first time hiring success.

Hiring Enablement is the proprietary strategy our team uses to hire efficiently and effectively. All while providing hiring teams with the right resources, tools, technology, playbooks, and insights to improve their own hiring approaches. 

And it works for every type of hiring process… 

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Sourcing, selecting, and securing for critical and niche hires across STEM

Get the right people for the right roles using market-leading processes and up-to-the-minute data and intelligence on global talent pools. 

With a 97% right first time rate.

Our recruiters plug into your business to act as your talent acquisition team, or work alongside your existing function

Offering short or long-term solutions, SD Embedded is a flexible cost-effective alternative to RPOs. 

Underpinned by the latest data, technology, and intelligence.

Not sure what you need? Create a bespoke solution.

Get in touch with our team to create a bespoke recruitment solution to fit your needs and budget. 

The Three Pillars of Hiring Enablement


Our award-winning recruitment team have been hiring the right people for the right roles for 25 years.

Experts in STEM, our highly trained hiring specialists have worked across the globe, matching skills to roles and thinking outside the box.

Always guaranteeing recruitment results.


Every hiring project must be backed up by a process to ensure it stays on track.

We use specific frameworks, designed to suit each type of project.

This guarantees the right hire while upholding your company’s branding and standards.  


Without data and intelligence you could be searching for talent in the wrong places, offering mismatched salaries, or achieving poor engagement – all without realising.  

Indepth intelligence on the hiring process gives your team the assurance we’re all on the right track and the project will be successful.  

Trusted to help STEM businesses attract and secure the
best talent for over 25 years

“The Solutions Driven team, from
exec management to frontline
recruitment consultants, are
fully committed to our business

The results delivered improve hire after
hire as our partnership continues
to bed in. Thanks!”

Ally Agee, Former Recruitment Operations Manager, Aktana

“We are 200% satisfied with the competent service provided by the whole Solutions Driven team – from Scoping call to invoicing. 

They managed to fill our position within 2 months!

 Thank you & looking forward to further recruitings together!”

Veronika Höger, HR Manager, Sanmina SCI Germany GmbH

“The process Solutions Driven uses to source potential candidates is one of the best I have ever been exposed to.

 They continually find high quality candidates that fit the Ocean sales team’s requirements and culture.

Excellent partners!”

Colin van Exel, Vice President, Sales, Ocean Insight


Our team have over 300 years of recruitment experience between them. 

They’ve hired tech roles in Amsterdam, and CEOs for scaling start-ups in the US. 

They’ve worked as part of small external teams sourcing critical candidates, and slotted into existing teams to provide sourcing support. 

They’re armed with Solutions Driven’s ethos of providing value at every stage and come with a market-leading tech stack, and up-to-the-minute market intelligence on talent pools, salary benchmarking, and diversity. 

Want to find out how Solutions Driven's unique Hiring Enablement can help you hire right, first time, every time?