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Recruitment Process Intelligence

The playbook to hiring right, first time…
every time.


Replicate the recruitment processes that guarantees right hire, first time, every time.


Discover how to drive future recruitment efficiencies and build your employer brand through data and intelligence.


Create candidate experiences that wow passive candidates so they feel valued throughout the recruitment process.

About the book

Modern hiring teams on the face of it, have all the resources they need to source and hire the best talent. They have the people, the tools, and the latest technology to choose from.

But after thousands of conversations with hiring teams across the globe, we discovered that wasn’t enough. They still had recruitment challenges.

They included out of date sourcing techniques and talent pools, poor candidate engagement strategies, and processes that were broken or non-existent. When combined, companies were consistently failing to attract the top tier talent they desired.

And competition for top talent is getting even harder with the rise in ‘working from anywhere’. Hiring teams now need to prepare for global companies dipping into the local talent pool.

In this book, we share for the first time the unique processes and successful strategies that we use to help hiring teams hire right, first time, 97% of the time. And they work consistently across a number of industries and market conditions.



Gavin Speirs

Gavin is CEO of Solutions Driven. And over the last two decades he has invested time and money in solving problems for hiring teams and delivering the worlds best talent to global companies. This is demonstrated by an industry leading delivery of 97% right hire, first time across 59 countries and 6 continents.

His passion for recruitment and technology has seen him develop internal IP (HiresynQ) that allows our customers to measure and improve their Quality of Hire. In 2020 he led the business to launching our own category, Recruitment Process Intelligence™.

Gavin also sits on the board of multiple recruitment technology platforms allowing him to keep up to date with the latest developments of the every changing recruitment technology space.


Claire Murray

Claire is Head of Marketing at Solutions Driven. She’s a passionate marketer, and has spent the last 6 years working in many different industries in both B2B and B2C, telling stories, building brands, and driving traffic.

Claire has Journalism and History degrees and loves nothing more than digging into a thorny subject.

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